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Energetic Anatomy of A Yogi

Paul & Jaylee Balch have travelled the Earth teaching in the areas of Self Mastery, Yoga, Meditation, Hypnosis, Dreams, Corporate Coaching, Intensive Retreats, Healing, and much more.  Acting as ‘catalysts of change’ their work has inspired thousands of people to re-evaluate and re-connect with their full potential, finding healing and allowing grander versions of themselves...

They are pleased to announce that their new book, Energetic Anatomy of A Yogi, will be released soon.  The book is based on information from their successful Anatomy of a Yogi course that has been taught world wide.  It details how different yoga poses effect the physical, emotional and energetic body.  In fact, it may explain why you feel attracted to certain poses, while others make you feel anxious or nostalgic.

We will be announcing it official release shortly, so stay tuned!

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