‘We can struggle to make sense of the dreams that we have and the awful feelings that we wake up to in the morning, when the sun is shining. As we walk through passageways and down the aisle in a mall shop, we catch the chilling feeling of a grave just opened. Our body’s tingle with a plethora of effects and the hairs rise and fall and we shiver uncontrollably. For a brief moment . . . a flicker of something unseen passes by the corner of our eye and a slight shadow escapes under the bed. We hesitate to name what we experience as our conscious mind grasps for something to interpret what we are sensing and we walk a little faster. Unconsciously, we hesitate for a split second before we place our feet on the floor next to the bed or we check the cupboard in broad daylight before we are willing to trust it after dusk.

Sounds, interspersed with the mock echoes of footsteps or the creaking of timbers at the setting of the sun, have us on edge and flinching. The laughing bird in the window becomes the witch with the wicked cackle or the wind chime in the garden turns to an eerie banshee’s call. We sift through our dreams and return to waking light, remembering certain ones . . . the ones that most touched us. We do not take into consideration the corridors of the Greater Self, through which our conscious mind cannot move. The shadows of the subconscious and unconscious come calling, for resolve . . . no ownership . . . and for discovery.

They were not meant to be kept in the dark . . . those distant places that is . . . but soared through and observed with the faint edge of a wizened Soul. They were meant to be seen, to be given the light and allowed to exist alongside us as a sacred part of our eternal choices. Like all things, they were meant to serve and hold a space . . . an energetic placement where we deemed they should be whilst we lived blindly in forgetfulness. Seen from the true Self, they are dimensions of ‘once upon a

Always Jaylee Balch

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