Hello Suns and Moons!

Where to begin?

Let me ‘tune in’ for a moment to see what flows from the eternal mystery . . .

What an extraordinary time that we live in? Not only is our world erupting around us and bucket loads of ill-will being purged, but there is also an over-whelming imbalance in the way we view life and the issues we are facing.

We have to answer the question of: ‘do I invest – interfere – dip a toe in – or not?’

That is up to each individual. But this comes with a warning. The waters that you stir up have the right to stir you up. If you take sides, you have to process the one side of the story that you are sided with and if you don’t take sides, you must be prepared to observe in neutral. If you are going to make a difference, then perhaps you can offer an internal gift of light towards any given situation. When you do that, you are not choosing where that light goes (according to your judgment) but the higher guidance knows where it should be applied. Offer light and then let it go.

Which brings me to an interesting scenerio indeed. One I wish to share as you will no doubt encounter this at some point yourselves. Before I continue, I want to express that I am always hesitant to share my experiences, as I have encountered people along the journey who have desired to, either, mimic or take these experiences on as if they were their own. I fully understand that well-meaning students want to experience the magic and wish dearly to be further ‘ahead’ on their journey, but all in good time. And, as I have explained before in Opticon 22C, where you are currently facing your storms, is where you currently have the ability to master those challenges. This means that everyone is experiencing different circumstances according to their self-mastery stage.

Some will be working in one octave and others at a different octave. Currently, we seem to be stretched over five octaves of learning in our tribe! Each individual is in fact, in control of their octave and where they are. Fear, Joy, Peace, Trust, Discipline, Focus, Open-mindedness, Knowledge, Attitude, Beliefs, Control, Observing and many others, are the tuning forks of where a student is. No one can fault the Initiate who is two octaves ‘ahead,’ because their relationship with the list above allows them to be there, and the opposite can also be said too.

You are the reason that you are where you are!

Beginners, Neophytes, Initiates, Adepts and Masters go through each octave learning to be a different version of themselves at each one.

Having clarified that, I hope my following experience and description serves to inspire you and not place you upon the octaves of learning, ladder.

The seed Master or the embryonic Buddha in a person, is a consciousness in itself. However microscopic that consciousness is in the beginning, it is becoming a power unto itself – a potential god. The human who has not awakened this Light embryo can only aspire to being a Master, and rely on the experiences of others, for the time being.

For the average person to look at another, they see the person that they have always seen and interacted with. They have an inability to see ‘beyond’ the five senses or what they expect the other person to be. You can say that they hold the image of the person in their mind as a template and even if the person changes substantially, they see only that image in their brain. It has been etched there by their own expectations, judgments, beliefs, and needs. Each person sees a different version of ‘Martha’ when they look at her and even if she were to change into a Mary, the image in the brain will persist in seeing Martha. The mind and brain have this automatic function for survival and the continuity of reality. Now continuing along this line, if a person were to shift their idea of Martha and allow themselves to see her differently, they would have the ability to experience Mary. Now Mary is a totally different person altogether, and brings a whole new package of joy with her.

Going back to the opening statement about the embryonic Master – this consciousness, which is forming daily and growing as the Master-Adept focusses and ‘weathers the storms,’ is an entirely different entity. Although we explain it to be microscopic (as a point of reference) within the student, it is attached to a body of consciousness that cannot be housed by the physical body. So where is it then?

It is slightly behind and taller than the human you see with your regular five senses. It operates outside of time and space and does not know the limitations that the physical self knows. It can access knowledge, intuition, abilities, co-creation and a different frame of mind entirely.

Which brings us to the point where I must share my story.

It is an interesting experience being in the company of this ‘Mary’ whilst fully acknowledging the ‘Martha’ at the same time. What is equally interesting each time I sit with any of the friends and students in an informal setting, only Martha comes out to play! I questionned this for a long time before I came to realise that I cannot change anyone else’s vewing point. If a student refuses to see past face value, they can never gain access to an entirely different entity altogether. This is fascinating – for the observer will only experience what they have calibrated their brain to perceive – and this in turn opens up or masks my other bodies. I do not have to try to be protected! I am already protected by the state of mind of the person sitting across from me. They cannot access what they cannot perceive! This may clarify why I have expressed the difficulty I have in over-investing in anybody’s personal issues. I can certainly give advice and point in the right direction and yet if I get caught up, Mary steps back so that Martha can get all bent out of shape – until she chooses to become Mary again.

Martha can become Mary with one thought at anytime!

Which brings me to the clincher . . . you – students, need to step up and give yourself permission to experience not only myself, but all others too, through different eyes. You need to rise in your octave and there could be an opportunity for you to witness the other body. I have had this experience – where people are speechless because they can see the ‘other’ with their shifted perception.

Yes – you can see it, if you are in the right state of mind!

Does everyone have these higher bodies?

Most certainly. But they are all unawakened.

Once you begin to awaken these bodies, and they become conscious, you have the same access to the universal libraries as they do. The Master-Adept with ‘other’ bodies awakened can see the other ‘bodies’ of everyone else too!

So remember then, challenge yourself this month to look beyond what you see and hear with each person you encounter. You are training yourself to be a participator in this extra-ordinary event.
In love and light always

Jaylee Balch

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