Hello Gnomes and Faeries!

Where to begin?

Let me ‘tune in’ for a moment to see what flows from the eternal mystery . . .

Being a participator in this human drama certainly has its ebbs and flows and in the beginning, we have to learn and adjust to each movement. The movement is the dynamicism which gives us a sense of living life and interacting.

From the beginning . . . and this is not the real beginning – that comes later . . . as we pursue the spiritual urge within us, curious to know what and who we are, we have to take a thousand steps forward. Sometimes we have to dig a hole or walk over hot coals (metaphorically or course), take a step back or learn to adjust our love parametres, or reign in our enthusiasm or expose ourselves to encounter vulnerability. There are so many teachings that apply to all these various steps . . . one thousand nuggets that adjust us, by destroying the illusions and revealing the building blocks. The teachings all fit impeccably into each step and often we grab a teaching and try to apply it to everything at every step . . . all the way.

However, through needing to feel safe and secure, we cling to ideal teachings hoping they will be with us for the entire journey. This is not the case at all! Each teaching is vibrationally aligned with each step and works for either that step alone or a few steps or perhaps even an entire octave of learning . . . but then it is done.

This is where we encounter dichotomies!

Where one moment a teaching is a truth and the next moment the opposite teaching is a truth, or we have to leave a teaching behind as we shift into a new learning phase. I learnt that ALL teachings have merit or hold some sort of truth but they have a place or a landscape and sometimes this context is so small and narrow, that I practised and digested the teaching only to release it a short time later.

For decades I practised and learnt to absorb a teaching regardless of my information about it, and very quickly I found that it either sat well with me only briefly, adjusted me for a short time or stayed with me for the journey. I knew when I had to release it . . . when I had become it or outgrown it. The difference? In a nushell – and only because I have personally learnt this – it is all about the primary colours. The higher the truth . . . the closer it came to the primary colours (colours that exist by themselves) and the further away the truth, the more complicated in the mix of colours it appeared to be. This is of course, only an analogy, but a sense of vibrational sensitivity allows each and every one of you to ‘tune into’ what I am speaking here.

As I read many literary pieces and listened to the Tao Master and the Tibetan Lama, the primary colours became apparent, for their resonance was sparkling in its design.

In the beginning there is a lot of undoing of the ideas that we have clothed about ourselves, and our relationship to a Divine Creator God, ideas we learnt from others, which they in turn learnt from others. Most times these passed-on bits of information were twisted around vines of manipulation and falsehoods that made each and everyone of us toe the line or be good hard-working humans.

When I was moved past the primary colours to the crystalline invisiblity (pure resonance) all truths changed again! And it was here that I encountered three truths which are seldom taught to humans on this planet. The first, was that truth is in the mind and heart of the beholder. There is no ideological grand cosmic university of truth, where one size fits all. No one is being martialled into the same cosmic storehouse at the very end of the road, so that we can all sing ‘♪Kumbaya ♬♫♩’together. This is both frightening to some (especially if you are young, spiritually, and seek a refuge or safe haven) and liberating to others, for it means that you get to absorb the truths freely and decide individually if they fit with your journey towards healing, atonement and enlightenment.

You will know by the vibration . . .

It is a mistake to judge a book by its cover for most of the primary truths are hidden from casual and antagonistic glances.

The second thing I learnt, was that there is an Ascension existence where we could all sing ‘♪Kumbaya ♬♫♩’together. The dichotomy? (I did warn you earlier . . .)

Oneness or the Serene Presence within the God-Force is a grand truth. It is the grandest of all. It is all that is. There is no seeking anymore or questions, for there are no answers. There is no yearning for balance for nothing exists that needs balancing. Love and peace (plus a few others) are all that exist, so there is no antithesis or opposing forces and the completeness, which is who you become, means that you seek nothing outside of that state. You are . . . and it is enough . . . for eternity.

How do I know?

Because I know.

So, you can see by the first and second truths that I have just written above, that the dichotomies will be laced throughout your entire journey and they are not ‘wrong.’ Nor do they expose a falsehood necessarily. There must always occur an unravelling first, of an idea, before its clarity can be understood. I taught in Canada at the Radiance Retreat in Oct’ 2019, that you needed to drop gratitude and that appreciation would work better. The first truth above was applied to this teaching for the energy of gratitude had become interlaced with a very Christian-suffering-to-be content with poverty and handouts- type of vibe. By leaving it and using appreciation instead, it was meant to move gratitude from a murky colour into a primary colour. Once the word gratitude no longer held that Christian vibrational charge, it could once again be picked up at its higher vibration . . . a primary colour.

And that is what it is . . . right to the end.

Concepts such as gratitude, balance and abundance did not move into the pure crystal colours but stay at primary and no further. All words and ideas that have an opposing face, do not move past primary colour (the purest colour before they become invisible). There is NO opposition outside this illusionary realm.

Which leads me to the third truth which I encountered . . . the Master or Teacher who knows the invisible can access the words that have no colour. And they are not just words, but they are vibrationally charged ‘acts’ of potential change. Discerning the minds of most humans, who live like the walking dead (I have no judgment of good and bad here), it is obvious that while we are asleep we are deaf and blind to these ‘acts’ or words, which could teleport or transform us radically. Humans have to wake up before they can tune into the frequencies that certain words can hold.

Words are like the colours too!

Most words are a mingling of many colours and have lost their potency – they are used to simply fill space. Some words are a mix of only two colours, whilst a few words are primary colours. And there are words that can move with ease into the invisible – such as love ♥. These vibrationally charged ‘acts’ of potential change have an amazing ablility, which brings in a muddied word: prophecy. When a Master uses one of these words – and they can be strung in a sentence as a parable – there is movement in reality. They have the ability to change worlds.

To end this newsletter and conclude the notes above: ‘Students . . . new and advanced, you have been taught to move away from the social opinions of the masses, which are muddied colours and to learn to speak only when you have something of value to say. This is your discipline this month.’

In love and light always

Jaylee Balch

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