Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

InspireSphere is the Spiritual Home for the Awakening of Consciousness.

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Choice: The Game Changer

A pivotal nugget in the spiritual awakening of any human from any belief system, Choice picks up the idea of evolution and takes the human towards the stars!

All About Ego

The subconscious, and unconscious layers where the gifts of a true inheritance are rarely experienced. The reason? The altered ego. . .

Les Quatre Corps

Nous sommes naturellement poussé à entretenir et garder un corps physique robuste; mais nous restons souvent sourds et aveugles aux autres aspects de notre univers intérieur… nos émotions, nos pensées et notre spiritualité.

What Our Students Say!

CJL has been a wonderful journey through the 7 Seals with impactful metaphors, images and language. I will never forget the Cupboard Self metaphor 🤣 Absolutely spot on, clever and very relevant!

Michelle Dorn

‘This course for me was a great provoker for deep reflection and introspection, a peek into the energies of self and from where different aspects have been running throughout this experience. I am grateful for all you present and the journey offered.’

Paul MacKay

Wow! While the knowledge in this course is absolutely foundational, it feels like it stretches so far beyond that. Inspiring, interesting and uplifting – filling gaps, creating greater comprehension. A truly enjoyable journey that I highly recommend.’

Melanie Veenstra

‘CJL would have to be one of my favourite courses to date. It truly was wonderfully, magnificently inspiring! I found such peace and joy in the wisdom and knowledge discovered within this course. I’ve changed….and I feel closer to my God-Source than I ever have. What a treasure



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