Your Four Bodies

InspireSphere is the Spiritual Home for the Awakening of Consciousness.

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The Awakening Mind

As humans, we are in and out of various states of mind. Our natural ability is to be fluid within these different states and to be comfortable moving through them.

Integrating the Aspects of Self

Every human being seeks the wonders of miracles and magic! Intrinsically, we sense that we can become more than we imagine . . .

Climbing Jacob's Ladder

We are created in a perfect manner and our internal systems are perfected through a series of vortexs running along the spinal column. But enough about the body . . . lets go deeper!

What Our Students Say!

‘An absolute doosey, and a topic that opens the door for lots of growth and expansion of consciousness. I enjoyed each of the meditations. For me week 4 was over and above excellent.’

Michelle Dorn

‘Yesterday we completed the CGC! From the feedback I’ve received from participants, they all received new perspectives and those who felt stuck were given what they needed to move forward. They loved CGC!’

Robyn Cakebread

‘I really enjoyed the course. It was perfect timing for me and really helped me move through a major transition in my life that I think would have been much much harder without the help from this course. ‘

Melanie Veenstra


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