Alchemy of Balance

InspireSphere is the Spiritual Home for the Awakening of Consciousness. 

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The Divine Gardener

From allergies to mushrooms, thoughts to feelings, soil to sunlight, gnomes to worms, skin irritations to angels . . . we will explore it all! It is time to weed and seed your inner garden.

The Sacred Flames

The Sacred Flames is my promise to you, that forewarned is forearmed, and if you can grasp the significance of the energies, which will change your life now and later on – then this journey is worth it!


Illumination is a transforming experience that has the power to take you on a deeper journey into self-awareness, a gentle, illuminating understanding of what you are and why you are that can have profound results.

What Our Students Say!

‘An absolute doosey, and a topic that opens the door for lots of growth and expansion of consciousness. I enjoyed each of the meditations. For me week 4 was over and above excellent.’


‘Yesterday we completed the AOB! From the feedback I’ve received from participants, they all received new perspectives and those who felt stuck were given what they needed to move forward. They loved AOB!’


‘I really enjoyed the course. It was perfect timing for me and really helped me move through a major transition in my life that I think would have been much much harder without the help from this course. ‘



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