The Soul’s Breath

InspireSphere is the Spiritual Home for the Awakening of Consciousness. 

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The Divine Gardener

From allergies to mushrooms, thoughts to feelings, soil to sunlight, gnomes to worms, skin irritations to angels . . . we will explore it all! It is time to weed and seed your inner garden.

The Sacred Flames

The Sacred Flames is my promise to you, that forewarned is forearmed, and if you can grasp the significance of the energies, which will change your life now and later on – then this journey is worth it!

Alchemy of Balance

Learn about Maya, the Illusion, Glamour, Astral Planes, the Mind and Soul in this deep and awakening journey. CJL & HOH Bridges required

What Our Students Say!

‘I am thankful to have witnessed such inspirational and authentic people in this illumination journey and hope to continue to grow and learn going forward. So much to take in and absorb and still navigate life. I am excited about the tools in the toolbox so to speak in which to handle things and have appreciated all the comments and insight from all of you ‘

Karen Fulmer

‘The changes have been so big that I can hardly recognise myself anymore, my attempts to operate as I did before are futile. Every attempt to go back to the old person who operated from fear or control is stamped out by this new sense of urgency to slow down, trust and be present.’

Nicole Dargie

‘Illumination hit another cord but at the same time it is but the same instrument you have played only I may see the outline more clearly, and perhaps how many more pieces to come forth. Because of you, I continue to go forth with peace more than ever. Illumination highlighted the importance to stay the course…wherever that may be for me at this time. I have no concerns anymore about where that is and compared to who.’

Cheryl Millett


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