The Twilight Mind

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Advanced Online Courses

The Soul's Breath

We come to terms with the Soul’s motive for our lives and we allow our consciousness to accept the knowledge that brings us to a place of great awareness. With awareness comes numerous potentials that were not possible before.

Being Ggod

Beyond the temptation to be normal is the opportunity to extend ourselves into the reaches of cosmic influence and inner healing. Advanced focus of the Four Bodies.

All About Ego (III) - T.T.L

FREE WILL – the line between being asleep and being awake. The ability to make significant life changing choices. The ability to use this gift to take you where you want to be. It must be understood!

What Our Students Say!

‘For anyone serious about their development in this lifetime and advanced work that requires you to step up: these are the teachers; these are the courses.’

David Pojur

‘. . . This course touched me regarding my charge of intent also… Feeling the outside-in, melding. Putting words to change not comprehended – isn’t easy. Love, appreciation and joy. Looking forward to our next sojourn into the wonder…’

Paul MacKay

‘What has become abundantly clear is that I know nothing, yet I know enough to find my way home. I do not have the words . . . The course has provided a road map.’

Melanie Veenstra


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