The Sacred Flames

InspireSphere is the Spiritual Home for the Awakening of Consciousness. 

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Heart of Healing

Healing is a natural ability and we are all healers. We have the ability to heal ourselves and others. We have forgotten that we can heal.


Illumination is a transforming experience that has the power to take you on a deeper journey into self-awareness, a gentle, illuminating understanding of what you are and why you are that can have profound results.

Alchemy of Balance

Learn about Maya, the Illusion, Glamour, Astral Planes, the Mind and Soul in this deep and awakening journey. CJL & HOH Bridges required

What Our Students Say!

‘I’ve been pondering how to express my experience of TSF as a whole. One thing that stands out for me, besides many the “AhHas” and “Whoas!” during the modules, is the feeling of being carried forward and supported throughout the course. I had a great sense of momentum and connectedness, a clarity of purpose without attachment.’

Robyn Cakebread

‘How do I put words, to the wordless? How do I describe ‘Devine’? How does one describe ‘Sacred’? These are words, that cannot truly be described nor understood, until one knows… through experience. The course is so simple to read… but far more than anything I’ve ever read.!’

Natalia Demczynsky

‘What an engaging program. The Sacred Flames begins the journey of building internally on the foundations that have been laid. Each week a step upon the path to a greater awareness and understanding of who you are and the aspects of self that will help to fortify and awaken you to oneness.’

James Mac Donald


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