Integrating the Aspects of Self

InspireSphere is the Spiritual Home for the Awakening of Consciousness. 

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In the Space Between

Learning how to undo bad habits, unravel the emotional rollercoaster, and gain perspective on a new way of life. 

Your Four Bodies

We are like a pile of scrap, a combination of wood, metal, screws, joints and plans and we are expected to ‘make something’ of our lives. With a little sorting and understanding, we begin to build the new Temple of Self.

Choice: The Game Changer

A pivotal nugget in the spiritual awakening of any human from any belief system, Choice picks up the idea of evolution and takes the human towards the stars!

What Our Students Say!

‘You’ve delivered another excellent course. I found the content interesting and thought provoking, easy to follow and understand, and yet each module also challenged me to go beyond the words to look deeper at the different aspects of myself, and honestly observe how well they’re integrated.’

Michelle Dorn

‘I loved hearing your voice sharing information, particularly the stories to better explain concepts. I then found it helpful to see the written words. Each module flowed nicely into the next, with the final one (the Spiritual Adult) delivering some absolute gems.’

Anthony Marks

‘Well done! An absolute doosey, and a topic that opens the door for lots of growth and expansion of consciousness. I enjoyed each of the meditations.’

Shana O'Toole


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