All About Ego (II)

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In the Space Between

Learning how to undo bad habits, unravel the emotional rollercoaster, and gain perspective on a new way of life. 

Your Four Bodies

With a little sorting and understanding, the materials are understood and the plan becomes elegant. And from there, we begin to build the new Temple of Self.

Integrating the Aspects of Self

Every human being seeks the wonders of miracles and magic! Intrinsically, we sense that we can become more than we imagine . . .

What Our Students Say!

‘All About Ego II is Magnificent and Inspirational! I’ve finished the 4 week course feeling inspired to do better and be more! I felt ‘lifted’ all the way through. This may be a ‘foundational’ course (lucky newbies to have something that will stand them such in good stead), I feel that this is a must course for everyone who has been studying and seeking for years, for its sure to fill in the gaps and re-inspire all to keep doing ‘the work’. A fabulous foundational course! 

Thanks Jaylee and Paul, you’ve created a masterpiece. ‘

Natalia Demczynsky

”There is a saying about “every day is a school day” This course is indeed another leap into self realisation and consequent opportunities. The concepts shook my roots, I look forward to the next instalment!’

Paul MacKay

‘The impact and learning of these four weeks with AAE ll have brought me closer to understanding my true Self. I arrogantly thought I knew and understood the ego, but AAE ll has gently allowed me to recognize that there are many more layers to the altered ego that are still controlling my thoughts, beliefs, choices and behaviours.  I am looking forward to AAE lll!’

Dorothy Turner


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