Learning how to undo bad habits, unravel the emotional rollercoaster and gain perspective on a new way of life.  Your brain is built to make connections! Trillions of images and memories are constantly being stitched together to give you a perspective that suits who you are today. But what if your conclusions and the way you view reality and how you experience it, are not working for you? What if you want to make changes – why is it so difficult?

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In the Space Between​

About Inner Connections

Why are you creating your life the way that you are? Why do some people have luck and others have failure? Why are outcomes so different from person to person?

About Observing Space

Why is it so difficult to change a program? Why does life keep producing cycles over and over, but with different people?

About Light Power

What gives life to our dreams and desires? Why are some prayers answered and other are not? Can I change completely? Is anything impossible?

In Module 1:

  • Learn of the many ‘spaces between’.
  • What is possible in ‘the space between’ and why?
  • Understand why two people experience and see things differently, even if the moment is shared at the same time.
  • Understand what ‘The Space Between’ is, how it is an intrinsic aspect of your life and why it is so important.
  • Discoverwhat and how ‘the space between’ allows and enables you to do.
  • Awareness exercise.
  • A guided visualisation where you to have the opportunity to develop experiencing ‘The Space Between’.

In Module 2:

  • Learn about the value your space has and the impact it has.
  • What is a Magnetic Signature and how does it affect you, others, places and things?
  • The impact of activated and un-activated thoughts.
  • Your contribution to ‘The Space Between’.
  • You and others have choice in accepting or rejecting from ‘The Space Between’.
  • Observation exercise.
  • A guided visualisation – an opportunity to further develop the experience of ‘The Space Between’ – Frequency

In Module 3:

  • Learn how your ‘story’ and memories can impact a new ‘space between’.
  • Love and ‘The Space Between’.
  • What influences your ‘state of being’?
  • Motive and ‘The Space Between’.
  • Animal Resemblance exercise.
  • The power of contemplation
  • A guided visualisation –Mind Over Matter – learning to stop the impact of a negative experience.

In Module 4:

  • What has curiosity got to do with your Magnetic Signature?
  • Understanding ‘self-awareness’, ‘self-value’ and ‘inner clean-up’.
  • Learn to listening to your inner space.
  • Discover why getting to know yourself is so important.
  • What will happen when you enter into your inner world of YOU?
  • Find out where the answers to all of life’s questions and challenges lie.
  • A guided visualisation–Getting to know yourself.

Your World View

We take an interesting journey through the reasons why change does not happen, why our reality is constructed the way that it is and how we can become conscious enough to transform that. Knowledge is POWER and the landscapes that hold that knowledge are even more powerful. Any piece of information can only exist if it has a garden in which to grow and thrive, but separating out the weeds from the flowers is difficult, if the weeds mimic the flowers so well that you cannot tell the difference. In this workshop, we show you how to recognise where you have come from and where you are going and especially how to gain conscious control of the outcome.

Down the Rabbit Hole

‘In the Space Between’ goes down a rabbit hole and emerges in a field of knowledge designed to unravel reality in such a way, that it can be re-constructed and bring the change that so many desire. The student learns about the nature of reality, their own perceptions and how they weave themselves into dreams that don’t match what they are. In this program, you learn the mechanisms of how this transpires and what you do about it. It is simple and yet powerful and anybody can apply this knowledge to bring about change and happiness.


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“Space is accessible. The space between signifies the unknown molecules of unimaginable potential – if we know how to access them.”

Jaylee Balch


“The Space between our past & our future … where stillness and creation resides. Wonderful opportunity to learn how to tap into this potential.”
Michelle Dorn



Most frequent questions and answers

How much time do I need?

About an hour per module. A little extra for Pathways© or visualisation exersises.

Will the Module remain open until the end of the 4th week?


Is this course mentored?

Yes. A Mentor-Teacher will be assigned to make contact with you.

What Do I Need To Open The Files ?

A computer or any device that allows you to access the internet.

How do I access the audio files?

Simply click a button and SoundCloud does the rest.

You have never done anything like this . . .

You have found your way to this moment, to take in this iformation and be informed. Now, you decide and the choice that you make may change your life forever!

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