We never choose to visit a place such as Egypt without the benefits on many layers,

occurring before, in the present and afterwards. Egypt is much more than just a country of people

with a history like no other . . . it is also our history and our past.


“It is a moment in time, to reflect and allow so many variables to move through the human experience. To allow the dissolution of grievous fragments from times in the long past, the pain and suffering, the triumph and pride and the great divide that we created between us . . . and what we truly can become.” JB

The Radiance Retreat brings the knowledge, commitment and focus forward in each participant, teasing them out of their complacency, and moving them towards their loftiest attainment. It is a dedicated student who makes their way to these hallowed halls of learning . . .

Exact Retreat information is literally impossible to list. The knowledge will begin to flow in from the moment that the Retreat is conceived. Most of it will be in the moment and always takes into consideration, the students present. The venue is always filled with many beings, as they too hope to gain something of value whilst students listen and learn. There will be knowledge shared, exercises and audio/visual journeys that each student will be required to take. It is a semi-formal environment with disciplined and well-journeyed master students, therefore pre-requisites are in place to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 


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