Immaculate Venue on Bay Lake

Bancroft – mineral capital of Canada.  This is Bancroft’s claim to fame and a wonderful selling feature as most spiritual people appreciate crystals and is an exquisite place to spend 5 days in the company of amazing people just like yourself! A morning journey from Toronto and you are there! Nestle into a lofty home on the lake and take in the beauty that surrounds each morning that you awake.

Intimate Seating

This retreat has been designed as an in-house conference with limited numbers. The cozy setting allows each participant to ask questions and receive personal answers. Teachings will run twice a day with some adventures to bring in the fun.

About the Retreat

Jaylee will bring many insights through her Intuitive Work on many subjects, including:

How to be a Future Genius

Making the most of the Present

Landscapes of the Greater Self

Understanding the Body Genius

Hypnotic Brain & Metaphors

Total Metamorphosis

And much more . . .

What does a day with Jaylee look like?

Wake up to a serene restorative yoga session with Melanie Veenstra and perhaps a refreshing dip in the crystal clear, spring fed lake before sipping a warm hot brew. Have a delicious breakfast and get ready for the first session of the day With Jaylee as she brings a topic to light. Take a break and have a tea or coffee and right back into open questions and discussion before lunch.

Break for lunch!

Rejoin the host for the next topic and follow that by open questions and discussion. Who knows where these afternoons may go as she allows herself to be guided in any direction from her sources. Break for the evening. Take a stroll by the lake or catch up with friends and new friends. Dinner is served!

Retreat Organiser

Melanie Veenstra

Namaste!  I live in Ontario, Canada and it is my greatest joy to create a safe space for you to heal, laugh and embrace your magnificence.

I am a certified Metaphysical Teacher with Inpowered Living, a Certified Hypnotist and Hatha Yoga Instructor.  I also offer Thai Massage, Christos Technique, Hot Stone Massage, Intuitive/Energetic Healing, Metamorphic Technique and a variety of workshops developed from my experience.

My spiritual journey has been guided by International Spiritual and Empowerment Coaches, Paul & Jaylee Balch of Inpowered Living.  I also hold a B.A. in Psychology from Queen’s University. My dream has been to create a spiritual community where others can heal and learn to embrace their magnificence – where celebration, joy, and laughter are considered a right of birth.  I am living this dream and am blessed to share my life with a supportive partner named Mark, and two amazing children, Harm & Maeve.

I will answer all your questions regarding the Journey of Power Retreat in September.

Retreat Logistics

 Dates: Sunday, September 9th – Friday, September 14th

Arrival: 2pm at the latest

Departure: 1pm at the latest

Venue: Bay Lake, Bancroft Ontario, Canada

Accommodation:  Shared

Food: Delicious family style with shared preparation

Melanie Contact Details:

Tel: 613-391-8433


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