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You are all natural healers! Most have forgotten this and it is time to reawaken your natural ability to heal, to a new level.

Weekly Instructions

Week One

Study all the recordings in week one and contemplate where they apply to your life. What aspects of good health have you been neglecting in your life and why? Did you have  a limited perspective on what good health was? How do you view good health now and what do you need to develop in your life to maintain good health?

Week Four

What are your belief system around healing at this point? 

What do you feel about those who are faking  / tricking people to be healed? 

How did you feel practicing the Lymphatic Breathing so far?

What effect have you experienced when intoning the sacred sounds and any difference in your daily life? 

What has been the impact of the recent healing meditations?

Did anything trigger you or stand out in this weeks lesson?

Week Two

Study all the recordings in week two and do your best to follow through on all the exercises. Notice how your food and drink impacts your body and become aware of any feedback that your body is giving you through sensation, and join the dots between that area and your chakras. Look at your aura in a playful manner.

Week Three

How often do you exercise all your bodies to maintain good health?
If you feel affected when you leave an environment, perhaps your aura needs to be sealed?
Did you know most people have negative self talk approximately 95 % of the time?
Did you know the DNA resp0nds to what you say?
Your immune system – is it strong or weak? 
Did you know that continued stress and anxiety diminish your immune system dramatically?
Dreamers are the only ones who can change their dream, to have a future worth living!

Week Five

How do you relate to depression, anxiety in your life?
Have you been through a dark night of the soul experience, if so please explain.
How do you relate to opening gaps in your aura and attracting entities and attachments and through what means has this happened?
How do you see love and reality now?
Did you experience trauma through your birth? Or if you have had any surgery do did you experience trauma in that you know of?

Did you change on any level after surgery?
Do you understand the importance of being neutral while offering healing to someone?
What was your experience in the polarisation exercise?
What is your feedback on the 2 meditations and their impact upon you?
Please give feedback regarding your experience through this program.

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