Learn to Write, Direct and Live Your Dreams   . . .


Inspiration begins the journey . . . Dedication moves the Student . . . Discipline reveals the Master!

5 Types to Choose From

* Online Courses (Mentored)

* Online Courses (Self-applied)

* In-house Workshops

* Local Retreats

* Global Retreats



Take part in these LIVE seminars and learn to understand your body and the value of being conscious in your yoga practice.



Come, spend time with us at a workshop or at a retreat with your mother or daughter and learn to laugh, accept and to forgive.

Altered States

Attend a wide array of workshops on meditation, relaxation, or psychic fields (to name a few), and even earn your Hypnosis Certification.


Our road to Mastery is loaded with an array of workshop topics designed to fit your needs. You can choose to dabble or maybe even to dive into the landscapes of your inner self.


Everyone has the potential to be a healer! Attend one or all three stages of Energetic Healing© to awaken an learn to use this amazing gift.

Under 21

*Gain access to workshops for Conscious Kidz©. Find a number of books and decks of cards designed for the conscious child of the future, and help your child to dream.

Brain & Mind

It is crucial that you know and understand your “equipment”. Learn why you have them and what you can do with this knowledge to enhance your spiritual development and abilities.


As with all spiritual journeys, the progression is up to you, but please note that we have certain pre-requisite courses that must be a part of the journey.

Mastery is  a lifetime of discipline

Join a unique family of practitioners and gain valuable insight from them. Most have been walking in a disciplined and focused manner between 10 – 30 years. Well versed in retreat expectations, mindfulness, meditation, discipline, mental acuity, psychic development and healing, they have access to many abilities. Perhaps you may cross paths with one?

Learn by Application

All of our courses and workshops, require some interaction, your focus and willingness to follow instructions and feedback. We can provide the material in a number of formats but you have to do the work!

PDF downloads * Videos * Pathways * Meditations * Diagrams * Feedback

Build your personal portfolio

Each Course, Online or Retreat counts for CREDITS.

Credits allow you to attend certain international retreats, receive discounts, free informative videos and gifts.

Plot Your Course

You manage your learning schedule and retreat options

Each person works at theri own pace and as many of these courses are online and open to access at any time, you can take part in an elegant manner. Some courses are monitored by teachers and a few are active and hosted only a few times a year. Make sure that you keep tabs on when the interactive ones are available.

I opened up to truths with limitless possibilities . . .

. . . and with that I became a considerably improved version of myself who now lives with peace in her heart. I started taking courses with Jaylee & Paul approximately 7 years ago, but it feels like I have been connected with them much longer, as there has been so much realised within me – I have listened to concepts, been exposed to much spiritual knowledge and absolutely nothing felt foreign to me.” 

Karen Savage – P.E County Canada. 

‘Staging, Styling & Organising’ named ‘It’s all in the . . . DETAILS’ Business owner.


Do I have to begin at the Basic Foundation?

Most students do. The reason for this is simple – we speak a language that fits into a board of puzzle pieces and as we move through the modules and courses, everything begins to come together. The bigger landscape is then formed, which is necessary for the Advanced Modules. We do not like to leave any student behind. On the odd occasion, we have permitted someone to join Intermediate Courses, but this entails prior work that is vetted by us and they have another student as s sponsor.

Can I just dip my toe in and do small evening courses?

You are most welcome to enjoy the Basic Foundation modules as you see fit and when you want to. It is only from Conscious Footsteps where personal discipline becomes a requirement.

Do I receive a Certificate after each Course?

You receive a Certificate of Completion after each Course. What is significant about this is two things: there will be a unique registration number on each Certificate – which means you are registered with us formally. Why registration? Each Course provides Credits and these will appear on the Certificate. If you are registered with us, and you complete the Course, your Certificate will be proof of your Credits. False Certificates will not be registered with us, therefore false Credits will not be acknowledged.

Can I sign up from anywhere?

Our students come from 5 continents and their location makes no difference to online Courses. Workshops and retreats draw students from across the globe.

Can I attend a retreat at the Basic Foundation layer?

Yes. Though there will be a pre-requisite online course that you will have to complete to prepare you.

Do I receive support when I take a Course?

Yes! Either Jaylee or Paul will be in touch with you OR your designated facilitator will be in contact with you.

What are Course credits for?

Enough course Credits will entitle you to specific fee deductions or a FREE Course or FREE material.

Free Evening Lectures

Are being offered in different locations in different cities. They run for 1 and a half hours and anyone can attend. Enquire where the next one is.

Premium Courses

There are a number of highly prized workshops that have a limited seating capacity. They are booked on a first come first served basis and reservation is ONLY guaranteed if the deposit or full fee is paid.

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