The Awakening Mind


‘Always ask for the highest and best’ – was advice I received when I stumbled onto my spiritual path 10 years ago. ‘



The Journey Has Begun!

“Who am I in relation to my world?’

A Natural Ability

It is all about Awakening a natural ability . . .

As humans, we are in and out of various states of mind. Most of them we do not remember, nor can we even make sense of what it is that we are experiencing. Our natural ability is to be fluid within these different states and to be comfortable moving through them.

This is seldom the case and most humans try hard to keep to what they know rather than to understand these other avenues of thought. In this program, we introduce the most valuable component that exists for anyone who is either dipping a toe in, or immersing themselves in the spiritual train of thought.

There is a lot to choose from out there and so much information to access but mastering the information and becomming an entirely different human is a whole other arena.

We facilitate that process and we begin an earnest journey when we learn to Awaken this one aspect of the natural self. You will be given exercises and your part will be the effort that you put into this program by following instructions. If you do this to the best of your current conscious ability, you will be rewarded with insights and an internal adjustment that will confirm to you that you are on the right path.

Remember: The right Path has nothing to do with the Teacher because it must first be the Path that feels right to you.

Then it is about the Teacher/Mentors, for they then act as catalysts of change, and it is their own self-mastery to live exactly what they teach. When these two aspects have aligned, you feel that you are on the right path and your Teacher/Mentor is a living example, there is no end to what you can become.

This is a CORNERSTONE program. It forms the bridge between the Basic Foundation and Conscious Footsteps. From there, Conscious Footsteps opens up a rather large world of knoweldge and inner mastery.


Jaylee Balch


Jaylee Balch & Paul Balch

Focus Topics

Of Interest

Awakening The Observer

Understanding Reaction/Responses

Learn about your Minds-Eye!

Changing Paradigms

Awakening The Observer

Allows the spiritual student to learn the mechanisms they are using to create their current reality. Once this has been observed, making the necessary changes is easier. You become aware of what you are doing and being in such a way that you can easily use CHOICE to change your life path.

Understanding Reaction/Responses

Nobody likes to find themselves in a defensive position or ‘on the back-foot.’ And most times, the means to stop a response or choose a response wisely, does not come elegantly. There are stressors and beliefs at play that form an undercurrent that erupts as a reaction. Reactions can have regrettable outcomes but this can be changed.

Learning About Your Mind’s-Eye

How you view your world and the experiences that it offers, what mechanism of the mind you utilise, all play a part in the synergy of your thought processes. Some processes strip the magic out of all feedback and communication you have with your internal and external world. This tapestry of mental grass can be exchanged for one made of pure silk!

Changing Paradigms

Your view of the world is achieved through a lens of perception. It is your lens and until you become aware of how you truly view the world, what lens you are using, how you colour every picture and pollute your findings, you will find it challenging to make substantial changes. Learn about the templates that govern your subconscious mind.

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Course Duration: 5 weeks

Course Curriculum: Online modules and LIVE webinars

Tasks: Assignments with Mentors

Begins: 08 July – 11 August 2021

 Email us at to begin or if you have been introduced by a teacher, notify them and they will begin the process.

Your Teacher will email you and introduce themself. This is a facilitated program and a weekly discussion and/or feedback session will he hosted by the Teacher.

$549.00 $449.00 (inc.GST)

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