Gardening Tip: Any good gardener knows that WEEDING is big a part of gardening. Sometimes we do not know how to recognise the weeds in our lives though, and this next technique helps that tremendously.


First things first . . . any sort of spiritual work must include a sense of humour.


The need to be able to laugh at yourself is a crucial tool for moving ahead!

There will be SO many days when you will feel stuck or heavy, and your sense of self will have you in a corner. You have to learn to recognise these times and have a jolly good laugh.

 One of the tools we have used with students over the years is to recognise or create another ‘self’, and in my words . . . a Walter.

 All our students know, ‘Walter.’ I still use this character when someone is stuck or whenI need to remind a student that their altered ego is playing games with them. So – go ahead and give your ‘dark side’ your tantrum or unforgiving arrogant self, your shameful or depressed self (the self that always has you on the back foot . . . reacting, under pressure or defensive) – a name.

 Now the key to choosing this name is not to sound cute, special or lovable. In fact, it should be the opposite.

 It can be the name that you like least, e.g. Barry or Doris, but not Rainbow, Unicorn or Dolphin Girl!

 You need to be able to put distance between yourself and this other you whenever you bring it to mind.

 The next key is that you do not want to blame this self; you want to be able to step back from yourself from time to time to take a good hard look at the dynamics that are surfacing in your life. If you can observe the dynamics without being too close or too involved, you get a sense of what needs to be addressed.

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