“We are driven to heal and keep our physical bodies strong, but we turn a blind ear and a deaf eye to the other parts of our living universe . . . our emotions, our thoughts and our spirits.”

In this program

There is an encounter with the dimensions of the idea of ‘SELF.’ Traditionally, we are like a pile of scrap, a combination of wood, metal, screws, joints and plans and we are expected to ‘make something’ of our lives. With a little sorting and understanding, the materials are understood and the plan becomes elegant.

Your Four Bodies

Your Four Bodies is a first step into understanding what makes you – you. It’s a step beyond the everyday explanation of genetics, beyond the concept of past lives, past the effects of nurturing and the environment, and beyond the influence of religion.

Beginning with the Physical Body, this 4-week course will take you on a journey that knits together the essential components of what makes you Hu’man. You will dip your toes into some of the basic Tibetan concepts of awareness of the Self as you explore the Physical body, the Emotional body, the Mental and the Spiritual bodies to understand what makes you a unique being of powerful potential. (D.T. Editor)

The Four Bodies begins in . . .








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Login in every week on the required date and read the material supplied. You will need a computer or phone to do this. Your designated teacher will give you tasks and take you through discussions, and will have the choice of an Awareness Pathway© supplied by us or in the teacher’s own voice.

What do we gain from this material?

Knowledge is fundamental to our individual growth and the more we can uncover about our own make-up, the more we can make choices which align with our greatest potentials. Young or mature, rich or poor, educated or not . . . there is no one who can evolve without the exposure to new information. Delivered in an easy and creative manner, the material is a Foundational program, designed for anyone who is curious or seeking to make changes in their lives. Understanding can be a rich field of powerful ideas, which combined with dreams, focus, discplines and desire, can lead to greater fulfillment and a rewarding lifestyle. There are no quick-fixes! But there are avenues of empowerment just waiting to be discovered and applied, digested and integrated.

When you click on that access point below . . . the simplicity of your choices and the scope of your potential is illuminating to say the least. This is your life, you choose!

What to expect:

– Each week, a new topic and knowledge with imagery and concepts.

– Contemplation’s of new ideas of Self

– Meditative Pathways© to download or listen to

– A personal access membership sign-in


Over four weeks, and on each successive weekday, a new module of understanding regarding the four bodies of awareness of the Human Being will become available.



The 3rd body: THE MENTAL BODY


Each body will be discussed and highlighted from a truly unique vantage point, bringing in a wholistic design of synergy and meaning.

The basis for the Course is to introduce new and present students to the concept of Awareness.  This Course is a building block . . . a foundational cornerstone . . . upon which all other Courses and Workshops are built.


‘I’ve spent so much of my life focused on developing my mind through my career and keeping my body physically fit, that I took for granted we just have one body, mind and spirit all lumped together. It was a revelation to learn we actually have four distinct bodies. Thank you for the depth and insight you provided to me as I progress on my journey of personal development and spiritual awareness.’

Michelle Dorn

Hypnotherapist / Coach, Inspired Life Balance

‘What a delight it was to share these transformative concepts with students! They were excited and delighted as their ideas of everything began to shift. This course has placed my students solidly on the path to enlightenment and Inpowered Living. As we moved through the course, students shared that the experience of realizing new modes of consciousness was profound and that they understood that once the mind is open, it can’t be closed again for good. The students thoroughly enjoyed all the material, read and reread the modules and felt altered by the meditations. They enjoyed sharing their experiences and it was really wonderful to work with them.’

Robyn Cakebread

Hypnotherapist / Nutritionist


If your interest is piqued, please contact me: jaylee@inpowered.org OR if you have been in contact with a teacher/mentor, please confirm your place with them.




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