The Sacred Flames


The Sacred Flames was inspired by my experiences moving towards the Seat of the Soul. I began to notice that at certain places along the way, certain energetic promises were being fulfilled within me. At that stage I had no idea why but they became apparent at a later stage. The Sacred Flames is my promise to you, that forewarned is forearmed, and if you can grasp the significance of the energies, which will change your life now and later on – then this journey is worth it!



‘. . . The Sacred Flames embrace the igniting fuels . . . Which the Human has as its allies, which are crucial to its safety in the fast lane. It is taught around the world, in so many ways, the need to obliterate and destroy aspects of the slow self – and this holds merit – in order to move from the destiny of the slow lane to the expanded destiny of the middle lane.’

‘. . . Blissfully unaware, as per the immaculate design, the slowest lane offers speeds that allow for the density of carnal thoughts and the full immersion into the vices and opposing forces of nature.’

‘. . . In the second lane, hu’mans are drawn to a sense of oneness and wisdom, balance and unity, with a unique relationship to the earth and its inhabitants. Already, those who have ventured into this lane have an adjusted design from birth or through pain and their collaboration with choice, have changed lanes.’

‘. . . The third lane, and perhaps the rarest one, has the Human leaving light trails behind it as it travels the great highway of life.’ 

The Sacred Flames is a Fields of Infinity Course (i.e. advanced). It opens on the 24th July, however you can opt in at anytme. This is an individual journey.

It is the calm and gentle smile of a wise person . . .

. . . as they are surrounded by self admiring buffoons vying for seniority and validation, and in that smile is a knowingness that regardless of how the buffoons are judging them; what they are and what they have. . . can never be discredited or removed.

The Sacred Flames is hosted online over 5 weeks.

It will include: Modules of material, PATHWAYS (meditation – visualisation PATHWAYS©) and audio or video notes. 

For the first time ever – the additional downloadable PDF version each week (numbered and ready to file) sent to you, for an small additional fee.

Add this to your Course and make it easy for yourself. PRINTABLE.Copyrighted. Emailed weekly to your email!

$9.99 (inc.GST)

The SACRED FLAMES Course combines all the attributes of self-awareness, which become the currency of a human who lives and breathes Soul. Taking self-love, self-confidence and many more into consideration, this is a unique journey into a landscape outside of time! How is this applied in life? If you were into computer games, these are the super energy treasures, which you use to become powerful!
Hosted over five weeks, explore the 3 ways of BEING. Navigate the highway of life and join the fast-laners' as you learn about the progression from normal living experiences into illuminated fields of experience.

Course Fee

$499.00 $329.00 (inc.GST)

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