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Jaylee’s Notes:

Venturi Extra: Years ago I studied the effect of energy moving through the heart on an energetic level. It was called Implosion and years ago disappeared as a study. I learnt that everything that can pass through a venturi-hourglass occurence . . . are all the things that are energetically ‘shareable’ or where cohesion can flow. Now the word is as shallow and deep as you can dare to go . . . but it does help you to understand the nature of those energies, the things you hold on to, the nature of your being and the resonances of your world, that are all going to either pass through or have no option of the venturi effect whatsoever.

What does that mean?

There are groups taking people up a little ways in information who have the ability to look down or in a slightly more expansive manner. They are not necessarily aligned with an ‘open’ venturi effect, which means if we take an hour glass, it works because there are three parts. The glass, comprised of an upper housing and a lower housing, the space between which forms a squeeze, and the sand or particles wishing to pass through it from one to the other. That is a venturi effect. Now, many guidance groups have one part of the glass working and sand wishing to move to the other side. It is the other half of the glass that now becomes the most precious part. Without both the upper and lower, the space between or squeeze cannot exist.

No squeeze – no venturi!

So, pyramid, hierarchial, domination structures have one half – the bottom half and not the top half. If you wish to know if the group you are supporting or learning from and listening to, have both sides, then listen carefully. There should be the presence of a ‘higher’ guidance, in some form (a lineage like the Tibetans or Tao, verified extra-terrestrial help or guidance and some other forms like trustworthy Channels that have typically existed for a couple of decades and havent just sprung up now to feed on gullibility) and there should most certainly be Soul activation.

No Soul . . . no squeeze!

There should be an ability to observe from a neutral position (centred) and the awareness of releasing the negative ego. Now in my image of the venturi during the talk, I mentioned the venturi group at various stages of ascension, those to the right asleep or just waking with a ceiling above them and an influencial figure above them. The third to the left are people that seemed to have learnt, awakened to some degree but have no venturi to move through. It is quite likely they will feel like they are on the right path and have a pyramid to stand on.

And of course those throngs at the opening waiting to enter the venturi to be judged. Judgment day is not about what you have done wrong, it is more about if you have enough Soul credits, essence or substance AFTER THE SQUEEZE to form a life in the upper house (love this idea and these words!) or the other earth, the 5D or whatever appeals to each person. If the accumulation of Soul credits is minimal another round through the earth experience may be the decided choice.

And so we reach the squeeze . . . uncomfortable beyond words, completely individual and isolated, and a multiplicity of deathlike moments.

Each person pre-chose their country to go through the squeeze in, because their country had what they needed. If you moved country . . . your timelines changed . . . your destiny changed. You may have been bound to ancestry had you remained in the country of your birth. Count your lucky stars!

The venturi is the same as the biblical idea of the ‘eye of the needle’ or my idea of the keyhole that has no door. There is a reason the saying declares that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than it is for a rich person to. Ponder why this is so.

The Lama told us to forget about the actors, singers, icons and the rich as they will not make it . . . he mentioned a billionaire in Australia whose heavenly bank acount was zero. Do yo get the picture?

YOU have been given the right foundation . . . the right energetics and lineage to form a venturi that YOU must now move through. In this YOU must surrender everything you think you know.

Through that venturi will pass everything that can be judged or that has the potential to hold drops of essence and it will be squeezed. Here is a list that you may study that will placed in the Light and squeezed and the outcome is not in anyones hands . . . it is cosmically inevitable:

* governing bodies

* religions and spiritual ninstitutions

* realty

* insurance

* taxes

* education

* health


* corporations

* non-profit organisations

* land ownership

* police

* military

* childcare

* iconic figures

* music

* film-makers

* airlines

* food supply

* literature

* . . . and some jobs, companies, organisations have little value but here, so they will fold.

Be aware that whilst you are moving through the ascendence you may be asked or shoved out of your job because your particular field will be redundant on the other side. If you think about it, insurance only exists where there is fear of loss, damage, and death . . . a part of this reality only.

If this happens, trust be aware that there is something else for you that is more in alignment with your future.

In realty, there are worlds where nobody pays for their land – it is their right to free land on their home planet – so this could get very interesting indeed.

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