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“I’ve been studying with Paul & Jaylee for over eight years now. Studying is a big word as working with them is more of a synergetic exchange, where everyone grows from the interaction. I’ve met them during the Energetic Anatomy of a Yogi session and at a point in my life where I had really neglected spirituality in favor of succeeding in the corporate world. This encounter really change my life focus, bringing me back to aspirations and to a curiosity about life’s meaning that I had lost for too long. Together, Paul & Jaylee are a perfect mix of kindness and discipline, knowledge and intuition that makes their teaching unique and accessible to anyone. I have to say that beyond materialistic success, working with them has definitively help me setting a clear vision for my trajectory in life. And even in these changing and somehow chaotic times, every day now unfolds more easily and gracefully bringing new and exciting opportunities.”
Et voilà!
Laurent Garrigues


Understanding leads to conscious awakening

If not now . . . when?

We are four part human beings with a complex internal environment reaching towards our highest sense of self. Our physical self wishes for wholeness, our emotional self hopes for compassion, our mental self begs for peace and our spiritual self requires acknowledgment. The first three are fulfilled by the fourth on a gradual platform of understanding.

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There are many intriguing and inspirational experiences as you jump feet first into one of the journeys, that lead you into your inner landscapes. They range from 1 day to 9 months online. You can choose to link up with a group and share your findings or experiences.


We specialize in meditative experiences, and combine our knowledge to bring a vast range of transformative and healing options. Using visualizations and Pathways©, we augment most of the courses with well designed metaphors.


We are certified Hypnotherapy Instructors and have trained a number of active Mentor-Teachers, who work side by side with us at InspireSphere. There many additional qualifications that can be added to this cornerstone one.

Benefits of Learning With Us

∞ Awakening and expansion of consciousness

∞ A loving and supportive community environment

∞ Over 40 courses and workshops

∞ The wisdom of 33 years teaching  globally

∞ Mentor-Teachers to guide you through the basics

∞ Lots of epiphanies and realizations

∞ Basics of healing and reality creation

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2021 Calender

Our Upcoming Workshops

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11 May- 08 June


“Our lives are layered with many questions that may never be answered, but there are some that can be explored, and new information brought to light.”


09 June – 14 July


What creates matter? Where does it come from . . . that it as such a precious hold on your life, happiness, contentment and joy? What creates DOUBT and trips you up all the time?


20 July – 17 August


Ego is not a dirty word . . . and yet it engulfs any attempt we make at attaining a higher version of ourselves. Join us for this BLOCKBUSTER program – if you dare!


24 Ausgust – 28 September


A pre-requisite for Conscious Footsteps – join both Paul and Jaylee for this journey. Weekly Zoom sessions will be required. This is the GAME changer for enlightenment.

A Word

“We can either run and hide or we can stand and learn to be centered. To those who search, hoping to find, the latter is the highest option for it brings with it a vista as far as consciousness can fathom, a serenity as deep as can be experienced and an acknowledgement of our inner giant.”


– Jaylee Balch


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‘Inpowered Living admits persons of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or marital status to all the rights, privileges, programs, and seminars generally accorded or made available to students of InspireSphere.’


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