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We all have to begin somewhere. It helps if we know what it is we are looking for, where we are headed and what the distance is. Begin with the Basic Foundation and allow yourself to be established joyfully and powerfully.

Inspiration Goes A Long Way

Our greatest friend is Choice.

Our greatest foe is Choice.

Our greatest option is Choice.

Choice divides and unites people.

Choice has the ability to move us unconsciously from one meaningless experience to another.

Choice has the power to unfold a destiny that is quite unexpected . . . quite powerful . . . totally meaningful and completely inspirational.


The Journey Begins Here!

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‘No one has ever looked back” is an understatement….I feel like Paul & Jaylee have changed my entire world…and absolutely for the better!  Prior to meeting P&J, I’d spent 20 years totally absorbed in the corporate world and travelling constantly.  I loved what I did, but never really felt connected anywhere and always felt I was missing something.  I’ve always been blessed with wonderful family and friends, but I just couldn’t ‘settle’.  I had so many heart felt questions, but always squashed them and focused on my career.  Over the past six years working with P&J, I’ve come to realise I was always looking outside myself vs really connecting within.  P&J have given me a whole new perspective on who we are, why we do and think and feel the things we do, and the enormous love, compassion and capability within us all. It has been (and still is) a wonderful journey of self improvement, awareness and empowerment, not too mention the amazing connection with a whole new group of wonderful like-minded people.  I would highly recommend any of the workshops, retreats or one-on-one sessions Paul & Jaylee offer’

Michelle D. Australia

Hypnotherapist, Coach, Ex-corporate Exec., Inspired Life Balance

“This course is not so much a course, as chartering a new course. My inner compass pointed me to take a peek, thus throwing open fresh possibilities to sail in unchartered territories and shed light on whole new vistas of the unfathomable.”

P. McKay

Building Supervisor (UK)

“Illumination is about awakening from the consensus. It offers us a new way of perceiving, a new way of being… for life. The teachings and exercises are as simple as they are effective to shift our everyday awareness and understanding into experiential knowing. The online guidance and group support is highly synergetic. Be ready to be challenged for a positive and unstoppable growth.”

Laurent Garrigues (FR)

Software Architect & PhD. Oceanographer

Thank you so much for the Illumination course!

I experienced some profound shifts during this course. I have a much better understanding of why I need to cultivate the discipline of silence in my day to day life. It feels less like an obligation and more of a joy. I’ve found this to be the case when I take courses with you – that something which I had been resisting loses the charge of avoidance of undesirability and I am drawn to it instead. 

I also see now how much my focus has been on the physical world rather than the spiritual world. The concept of going into the space between and being willing and ready to receive glimpses of my future from my higher self has opened a door for me. It’s not that I hadn’t heard these concepts from you before but I was ready to receive them this time. I’m looking forward to more insights and realizations that will come as I make space for them. Thank you, Bay

Bay Woodward

Queen Bee , Honey Pie Herbals

“Illumination is a lifetime of spiritual work, concepts, knowledge, understanding packed into 7 weeks, enhanced with beautiful meditations and imagery.  Transformational”

M. Veenstra (CA)

Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Energetic Healer, Harmanie Yoga

“Illumination is a transforming experience that has the power to take you on a deeper journey into self-awareness, a gentle, illuminating understanding of what you are and why you are that can have profound results. Illumination gave me a sense of empowerment over my life that freed me from beliefs and thought patterns that negatively impact me but not really belong to me.  Even more importantly, I think, Illumination seemed to free my spirit and lift it to a new heightened awareness of its existence. I feel different, I think differently, I see the world through the eyes of my Spirit, I feel connected in a new way and I am oh, so very grateful.”

Dorothy Turner

Ch. Herbalist & Hynotherapist, Herbal Solutions

 “This course is exceptional in its content, support and presentation. The wealth and depth of material is abundant. The teachers are responsive and the interactions are personal. Questions are answered and the journey is nothing that can be imagined- just experienced. It is new. I want to do this course again, now.”

D. Pojur (UK)


“I am thankful to have witnessed such inspirational and authentic people in this illumination journey and hope to continue to grow and learn going forward. So much to take in and absorb and still navigate life. I am excited about the tools in the toolbox so to speak in which to handle things and have appreciated all the comments and insight from all of you.”

Karen Fulmer


Having studied with Paul and Jaylee for almost a decade now, I am always amazed at how the learning deepens and expands with every course. Illumination is a transformative experience for anyone who wants to create more space in their life for connection with the fullness of who they are and with that part whose voice is so often drowned by the cacophony of distraction and habitual reaction. I feel so grateful to have taken this course. I am changed in ways I have yet to grasp. Thank you Jaylee and Paul, from my heart to yours, thank you. 


Galen Newman


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