‘Always ask for the highest and best’ – was advice I received when I stumbled onto my spiritual path 7 years ago.  I had the honour and the pleasure of meeting Paul & Jaylee a year later and have worked with them ever since, attending workshops, discussions, private consultations, and many International Retreats.
Paul & Jaylee have gently guided and supported me through many personal transformations and well as life changes.  As a Yoga teacher, Hypnotherapist and Thai massage practitioner, I have weaved in intuitive, magnetic and energetic healing techniques learned through P &J, adding depth to my healing services.  I have seen my dream of a vibrant spiritual community blossom and expand.  My family life has also shifted beautifully and I am in a place where I can live the life I choose.  I walk this planet today with a sense of joy, peace, elegance, passion, understanding, and celebration that I never knew was possible.  The future that I am creating excites, delights, and amazes me.  The magical and the miraculous are inherent, but we often need someone who’s embraced spirit to help us remember the way.  Words cannot express my depth of gratitude to Paul and Jaylee for being this beacon of light on my path.’ – M.V. – Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner, Thai Massage practitioner.

Melanie Veenstra

Hypnotherapist/Healer/Teacher, Harmanie Yoga

“I believe that each of us has the inherent potential to enjoy health. True health as I understand it, is not only physiological well-being, but also psychological and spiritual health, and I am grateful to Paul and Jaylee Balch for their teaching and guidance as I continue to learn more about my own spiritual identity and the nature of this reality.
As a practising Chartered Herbalist, BA., C.H., NHP and a Cert. Hypnotherapist, I can combine this experience with my knowledge of healing plants and my gift for intuitive healing to create individualised herbal and homeopathic programs for each of my local and international clients.
My life is filled with the joy of husband, children, grandchildren and friends, the joy of learning and the joy of being. But total fulfilment would not be possible without health. Being healthy is our natural state, and with the help of nature I believe it is attainable for each and every one of us.” D. Turner

Dorothy Turner

Chartered Herbalist & Cert. Hypnotherapist, Herbal Solutions

Anatomy of a Yogi was an amazing day filled with a wealth of information on the emotional body we all endure not only on our mat but in life.  Having more knowledge and understanding of each Bikram posture and exactly which chakra is being activated and which emotions can arise was truly insightful for everyone who attended the day.  I have had great & positive feedback from every student who attended the day and they all walked away with something that will, I am sure, change their yoga practice and life!

Thank you Paul & Jaylee, it is always so inspiring to see such passion and delivery from the heart!! 

Jo Harvey

Yoga Instructor/Studio Owner Perth WA

​”I enjoyed the workshop very much and feel that it is something that anyone would benefit from bit it a yogi or a non yogi.  The workshop opened my eyes to a new kinda of practice and with that a new way to live my life. I had always focused so much on the physical return from the yoga and then thought that the added benefits were just a bonus.  Learning about the connection from each individual posture to my body/mind/spirit helped me so much in understanding why certain postures give me difficulty where some postures are the complete opposite. It goes a lot deeper then I had originally thought.  I felt reassurance in knowing that it was okay to feel what I felt and from understanding where it was coming from, made me want to do the postures that gave me such difficulty even more instead of back off while in them.  It has changed my practice completely and gave me yet another reason to have yoga as part of my life forever.  I feel more in the room then I ever have and since the workshop have had breakthroughs in many postures as a result of understanding what was holding my back in the first place.
Some people go their whole life with out understanding anything about themselves as a person. They go through life like sheep, do what you do cause that’s what you do.  After the workshop I had the “Dare to dream” attitude and have continued to work on myself to be able to “Live the Dream”. 

I believe we all can benefit from learning about ourselves sometimes we just need someone to help us see the light and let it in to our hearts. Thank you Paul and Jaylee so much,
Lindsay – Edmonton Canada 2011


Yoga Teacher, Edmonton CA

 I completed my NGH hypnotherapy training with Paul and Jaylee Balch in February 2017 and have never looked back. The training gave me the skills and tools I need to focus my business. As a holistic nutritionist, I’ve found that my clients need a variety of supports, and hypnotherapy has become a key component of my work. I was able to integrate hypnosis into my existing practice seamlessly, and to expand my client base because of my training.

Paul and Jaylee are highly skilled facilitators. They are responsive to the needs of students, and very generous with their time and information. Their classes are well paced, relaxed and fun, but also thorough. Their complimentary styles keep the energy flowing throughout the classes and help to make the material accessible to different learning styles.

I completed the NGH Hypnotist training feeling confident, supported and excited to have a lifelong skill that is always evolving and challenging me to become even better in my profession.

It’s not an overstatement to say that working with Paul and Jaylee Balch to shift my consciousness has changed my life entirely. I can still remember my first appointment with Paul, feeling completely adrift and depressed. The hypnotic healing I experienced that day set in motion something that is hard to describe – it was as if he removed my cement boots and freed my spirit. That was 10 years ago and I’ve never been happier or felt more capable. 

Paul and Jaylee are like no other teachers or healers I have met before. I’ve been down several healing paths, and have a degree in philosophy, and their approach is very much clearer, more effective and more accessible than other methods I’ve experienced. Most importantly for me, I’ve been well supported by them, and the community they have created, to make changes in my life independently, in my own way. Paul and Jaylee share their deep knowledge and experience without judgement or expectation. I continue to seek their guidance whenever I can and am grateful for their mentorship and generosity. 


Robyn Cakebread

Holistic Nutritionist / NGH Hypnotist, Canada

“I’ve been studying with Paul & Jaylee for over eight years now. Studying is a big word as working with them is more of a synergetic exchange, where everyone grows from the interaction. I’ve met them during the Energetic Anatomy of a Yogi session and at a point in my life where I had really neglected spirituality in favor of succeeding in the corporate world. This encounter really change my life focus, bringing me back to aspirations and to a curiosity about life’s meaning that I had lost for too long. Together, Paul & Jaylee are a perfect mix of kindness and discipline, knowledge and intuition that makes their teaching unique and accessible to anyone. I have to say that beyond materialistic success, working with them has definitively help me setting a clear vision for my trajectory in life. And even in these changing and somehow chaotic times, every day now unfolds more easily and gracefully bringing new and exciting opportunities.”
Et voilà! L.G -San Fransisco

Laurent Garrigues


I started Your Unconscious Reality program at a time when life was not without its challenges. I was feeling a little stuck in how to move forward and in coming up with a fresher approach to questions and issues unresolved. There was no expectation, as I had met Paul and Jaylee for the first time, and yet there was a deep sense of trust and anticipation that grew more along the way as I felt safe and supported. Despite previous works I had done, Y.U.R has shown me quite a few concepts and issues of which I had just scratched the surface. With great guidance, gradual and serious work, I was able to dare to look at my internal civilization, waiting to be seen and discovered. The different guided hypnotic  meditations along the journey have been subtle and deep, even shaking at times. Realizations and insights came at the least expected moments and shocked me with their simplicity and power. Through these hypnotic meditations and my dreams, I have surely been taken to deeper places than I had ever been in. Many questions arose during times of self-reflection and both Jaylee’s and Paul’s detailed responses have been provoking, inspiring and  always motivating for me to dig deeper and continue with patience. At every step of the journey I felt grateful and fortunate to have met them. Y.U.R is the perfect beginning and a major step towards an amazing journey of liberation and self-realization.

Muge Ece Istanbul (Counsellor  / Yoga Teacher)

Muge Ece

Counsellor/Yoga Teacher

I have always really enjoyed attending class with you physically present. I found that the deep understanding of the emotional releases very informative, and practical, taking my practice to a new level. The deep understanding motivates me and gives me good reason to work in the postures for it seems this is the first time emotional transmutation has ever been specifically addressed in this amount of detail.  Through this process it has empowered me to personally take responsibility for everything in my life. At the same time sticking to simple instruction and using the dialogue gives you credibility. Digesting and integrating this knowledge is awesome, which allows the experience of living Yoga more consciously to be a fun filled adventure.
Jonni Mauk – Bikram Yoga Teacher/Champion  -Boulder USA

Jonny Mauk

Bikram World Champion

Paul & Jaylee Bach put on a wonderful workshop in Anatomy of a Yogi. They have such a wealth of information beyond the physical that students and teachers alike are encapsulated. Bikram Yoga brings up so much emotion that sometimes it is hard to explain to the students in our classes what’s really going on. In this workshop Paul dissects each posture and tells us exactly which chakra is being activated and which emotions can arise.”

Norma Strang

Raw Food Nutritionist, Byron Bay

Paul and Jaylee Balch provide an excellent course on training hypnotists. They coves not only the theoretical piece but also allows enough time to become comfortable with the practical application aspect of the course. The fact that you are accredited with the National Guild  USA is a real bonus because it is internationally recognized. I will forever be grateful for their kindness and support in helping me launch my own hypnosis practice.  


Mary Jane Price

ex Corporate Head Hunter / Energy Healer / NGH hypnotist, Ontario CA

Hello my guides. Just want to tell you that I love you both. I know/knew you…..somewhere before…..somewhere along the way I asked you in some form or another to come guide me back home, I clearly came to this realization.

Thank you for not forgetting me,

Love always .


Neal. S

Business Entrepreneur, Alberta CA

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