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Title: ‘Spit worlds’

Released: 2018

When there is sufficient conscious awakening, we turn to our interior mansions of Self. We need to explore these subconscious fields  along specific avenues to light up the rooms and dissipate the shadows and ghouls of our own making. Once the intent has been established, and you have a conscious relationship with this part of Self, it begins to illuminate the rooms you need to light up and integrate.

Title: ‘Song of the Soul’

Release: 2019

The Straw Man or Straw Reality . . .

“It is important that you bring your mind to a place of peace and trust – a trust that is centred within your own heart and sense of immaculate being – in a higher Source.

The definition of STRAW (as described in the recordings) loosely describes those things, people, experiences, objects and environments that are constructed with short-lasting ideals, ideas, beliefs, attitudes and motives. These are the very ideas that need to be surrendered, released, transformed and removed.”

Title: ‘I AM the Sacred Word’

Release: 2020

A part of love, acted through compassion, paves the way through the dimensions of self. As the ‘Father’ is the unmanifested and the ‘Mother’ is the manifested universe, through love and nurturing we make our way back to the Source using our will. The mystery of all ascension is in these two: love and will in balance. 

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