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Join a global wave of people open to exploring the nature of their consciousness in their own homes.

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Take the time and make an effort to visit face-to-face with trained teachers who offer anything from a fundamental improvement of life to spiritual mastery.

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Find a collection of books by Jaylee and some co-authored with Paul for both adults and children. See their decks of cards, too.

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Discover a list of Pathways that may light your way and increase your understanding as you journey onward into the Unknown.

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Anatomy of a Yogi

Anatomy of a Yogi

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Anatomy of a Yogi

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Anatomy of a Yogi

About Our Teachings

Under the guidance of two extraordinary Teachers, we have devoted our lives in service to making our 30 years of learning available to others. We are dedicated to ushering in peace and understanding by raising the consciousness of humanity. As students take one of our many designed Pathways into the Mind of the Master, they get to uncover the many layers that help them to discover who they are. They get to “know themselves” intimately. Our focus is enlightenment – Our mission is understanding – Our heart is for sharing – Our ability is creation!

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What Our Hypnotherapy Customers Are Saying

Robyn Cakebread

“I completed my NGH hypnotherapy training with Paul and Jaylee Balch in February 2017 and have never looked back. The training gave me the skills and tools I need to focus my business. As a holistic nutritionist, I’ve found that my clients need a variety of supports, and hypnotherapy has become a key component of my work. I was able to integrate hypnosis into my existing practice seamlessly, and to expand my client base because of my training.

Paul and Jaylee are highly skilled facilitators. They are responsive to the needs of students, and very generous with their time and information. Their classes are well paced, relaxed and fun, but also thorough. Their complimentary styles keep the energy flowing throughout the classes and help to make the material accessible to different learning styles.

Paul and Jaylee are like no other teachers or healers I have met before. I’ve been down several healing paths, and have a degree in philosophy, and their approach is very much clearer, more effective and more accessible than other methods I’ve experienced. Most importantly for me, I’ve been well supported by them, and the community they have created, to make changes in my life independently, in my own way. Paul and Jaylee share their deep knowledge and experience without judgement or expectation. I continue to seek their guidance whenever I can and am grateful for their mentorship and generosity.

Robyn Cakebread Canada (Holistic Nutritionist / NGH Hypnotist)

Mary Jane Price Hypnotist Canada

Paul and Jaylee Balch provide an excellent course on training hypnotists. They cover not only the theoretical piece but also allows enough time to become comfortable with the practical application aspect of the course. The fact that you are accredited with the National Guild  USA is a real bonus because it is internationally recognized. I will forever be grateful for their kindness and support in helping me launch my own hypnosis practice.

Mary Jane Price Canada (ex Corporate Head Hunter /  Energy Healer / NGH hypnotist)

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Choice the Game Changer

Choice: The Game Changer Workshop

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Transmutation Audio and Pathways

Audio Pathways (meditative journeys)

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The four bodies and why they matter

Your Four Bodies Workshop

$149 (inc GST)

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