by Paul G Balch | HypnoHealing

Hypno Immune Boost

by Paul G Balch | HypnoHealing

A University of Florida study suggests that hypnosis can help boost the immune system. Psychoneuroimmunologist Beree (PHD) R. Darby’s investigation analyzed different levels of lymphocytes, the cells that make up the immune system. Blood samples were taken from 22 female and six male graduate students, both before and after self-hypnosis training. In the training sessions, the subjects were instructed in the biochemical details of the immune response and research findings in immunology, as well as direct and indirect suggestions for increased self-confidence and improved immune response. The study found a significant difference in the level of lymphocytes in the group taught self-hypnosis vs. a control group.

Paul G Balch is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Australia, a Certified Master Hypnotist 5 Path USA, a Certified Instructor National Guild of Hypnotists USA, a Certified Instructor American School of Clinical Hypnosis International USA, Certified in Medical and Surgical Hypnosis USA, Certified in Hypnosis Pain Management USA

Paul G Balch brings a wealth of experience to this IMMUNE BOOST recording. (Specifically created for the COVID-19 virus but not limited to)

READ: The article below is evidence based and refers to the boosting of the lymphocytes which is the main aspect of the immune system to fight bacteria and viruses that enter our bodies. If you would like any information regarding this recording please email paul@inpowered.org, or click purchase to begin the hypnotic audio.

COST: Usually $40 

Corona SPECIAL: $19.99 

The background regarding the Immune Boost recording combines:
– 40 years of study and practical application of hypnosis and working with many thousands of clients with medical Hypnosis.
– Medical science to understand how the virus and immune system work and how to work with the subconscious mind to activate and boost the immune system through the hypnotic state.
– In hypnosis you can communicate directly with the subconscious and unconscious minds which control the functions of the body and immune system. By communicating directly with the immune system one can enhance its capabilities to be ready to respond immediately and more effectively when needed to fight any virus or bacteria that invades your body.
– This hypnotic immune boost recording has subliminal messages based upon the latest medical science knowledge on how the corona virus works. Talking directly to the subconscious and unconscious minds reinforces and programmes the mind and body to maintain a healthy immune system, preparing and activating the different roles of the immune system and enhancing how the different immune system cells work so the immune system will identify any virus or bacteria including corona virus immediately and respond powerfully, accordingly, swiftly and effectively to maintain and bring the body into good health and balance.
– This product will ONLY work if acquired legally or ethically with permission or payment.

To your continued good health

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