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From those seeking to understand the universal landscape of their inner selves, to the knowledgeable initiates . . . the path begins when a person turns inwards towards a conscious life and surrenders the ways of the world.

First, finding that everything they have is out there

Then finding that everything they need is inside

Once this is realised, they can begin to accept destiny.

“I have had the most exquisite journey over the course of The Living Mastery Online and Retreat and it set a new bench mark. It gave me the material for a new way of living and lifting my Spirit up.”

David Pojur

Barrister at Law

We are in the transformation age and we are going through a huge expansion of consciousness. The time is now to learn to have an amazing life worth celebrating.

The entire Living Mastery program runs under 40 days. A 1 month online program, where attendees receive material to read and a Living Pathway© Audio journey to listen to, begins this life changing journey. 

After that, a 5 day in-house retreat brings attendees together to receive the teachings of the masters. In a safe and comfortable environment, attendees learn about:

* Activating the Observer or Universal Mind

* The space between thoughts and people

* Understanding the different layers of consciousness and why they exist

* The Soul and Spirit and their purpose

* Emotional patterns and how to diffuse them

* Duality and beyond

* The essence of having relationships

* Love and reality and all its mysteries

* The nature of dreams

* And a lot more plus practical exercises in correct thoughts

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