When I was still just a tiny star

I marveled at this planet from afar

With keen excitement I wanted to be

So much closer to it so that I could see

I asked the Voice if this could be done

and She answered ‘yes, Love, I can make you a sun’

You’ll be bigger and brighter with much further sight

And I was transformed that very night

But still I would gaze upon this little earth

Wondering what being here would really be worth

To be and to do, to live and to breathe

Beyond all the things a sun could perceive

Again I asked ‘is there any other way,

For me to belong on that sacred ground one day?’

The answer to this was ‘You’ll need to venture far,

And to do this I’ll change you into a shooting star’

I whizzed through space at an amazing speed

Through galaxies and systems, very large indeed

Past planets and asteroids and black holes of doom

Flying round a tiny rock I heard was called ‘Moon’

And then there before me was this glittering gem

Of blues, greens and browns, and I marvelled again

It was then that I learned of the stuff called ‘mud’

As I landed on earth with a mighty ‘THUD!’

It was beautiful and peaceful and full of many things

Like trees and mountains and little birds that sing

But now I was here, I wanted to feel

What is good and right and loving and real

So without hesitation I asked once again

To do more that just lie here in mud, sun and rain

‘Ahh’ said the Voice, ‘I am starting to see,

You’ve been aiming at being a lot more like me’

It will take effort and trust and will-powers a must

And your time here will take you from birthing to dust

If you really want this and to these things you’re agreeing,

Then I shall transform you into a Human Being’

Now, I was confused, what’s thing ‘human’ thing?

Is it majestic like mountains, or like little birds, does it sing?

Has it beauty and grace like the flowers and creatures?

Can it grow to be wise like its elders and teachers?

Is it kind and forgiving, does it care, does it love?

Has it any of the qualities I‘ve mentioned above?

My questions were heard and I heard the Voice speaking

‘My dear child, I fear its not ‘human’ you’re seeking

For life here on earth in that two-legged form

Could potentially leave you all battered and worn

They lie, cheat and steal and take more than they need

They remove from the earth without replacing a seed

They kill, they destroy and fight one another

Be it friend or foe, sister or brother

There is famine and envy and loathing and greed

Bringing them all sorts of pain and disease

It is what they have chosen, the path they will follow

Each day from this one, through every tomorrow

Until each one has learnt the true value of life

Their time here is shadowed by tragedy and strife

From the moment they’re born and their very first breath

To the very last instant before meeting death

As babes they’ll be programmed to fear and to judge

And the longer this happens, the less chance they’ll budge

As adults they’ll toil and fight to be free

Because they don’t understand the truth about Me

The same truth in All living things, it is done

In me they are All, you are All, we are One’

My thoughts raced and circled as I tried to decide

If this was how I wanted to be here alive

From a distance it all looked so perfect and grand

I even thought of going back to what I had

Do I really want sadness  and heartache and grief

To take and destroy as a dark-hearted thief

Without sense or knowing of a far greater plan

Which is the intention, of and for man

I was puzzled and burdened, trying hard to decide

Should I live an existence being false and unkind?

And without asking loudly for some kind of sign

The Voice said in whisper ‘let me help ease your mind.

Its not all that bad, so please do not despair

There are marvelous qualities, as well, to being there

The warmth of the sun after cold winter rain

To wake every morning and feel it again

The joy of beholding a rose in full bloom

To dive into the ocean, to gaze at the moon

There’s taste, sound and touch for excitement and fun

For these you’ll have fingers and ears and a tongue

Your eyes will see wonders and your heart it will sing

Each time you engage in what giving can bring

You’ll have a father with his love and strength and protection

And a mother with her love and guiding affection

You’ll have family and friends to love you as you are

No matter if you become a worm or a star

You can grow to be open in honor and trust

And with compassion, you’ll see through the fuss

There’s desire and dreams and imagination

So if you get caught up, you simply change station

You’ll be born with the power and light that is Me

Within you so you can be All you want to be

There are so many things that you could achieve

In fact, so many, you wouldn’t  believe

The Miracle called life would be yours to enjoy

The hard part is choosing to be girl or boy

As the Voice spoke I felt a warming sensation

Like the one I remember at the start of creation

But this time I was able to focus intent

And for me, it was possible, a new life to invent

‘YES!’ I proclaimed with whole heart and soul

‘I want to be a Human Being, its now my Cosmic goal

To take the chances to grow, evolve and be

And make my way to the grandest version of me

Said the Voice ‘if this is your decision for sure

You’ll have All you need to support you to endure

Remember, I Love You, you are me, we are One

In Light, Love and Life, I Am pleased, It is done!

I lay there and looked at the sky all around

An indigo blue with stars, moon and clouds

I had changed and I felt I was a strange new form

With fingers and tongue, and I smiled, I was born

Now, don’t think me crazy, don’t think this untrue

Or an old wives tale, or really nothing new

We each have a dream that speaks straight to the Voice

Let this be your message, ‘Make it your choice’

Jaylee Balch

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