OPTICON means Optimal Connection To Soul

This deck of 56 cards was first inspired before a retreat we hosted in Thailand in 2015. The group of students who attended, all contributed to one card and their contributions are marked by their initials at the bottom of the each card. The directions were strict and the frequency of each had to be of a lofty and solar nature.

The system of the layout of the deck was channelled in and is precise. Although it is a precise layout, there are numerous ways of reading it according to the intuitive abilities of the reader. FREE videos are available on YouTube for instruction after purchase.

The basic premise or story of the layout resembles the approach to the sanctuary of the Initiates and Master. The seeker is introduced to the sanctuary and must stand upon a stone of completion before a question can be asked. For the answer is always contained within the question. A guardian is always present – as a conduit of energy – and then the question is asked. The card that repsonds as the answer, has a relationship to all the other cards that lie in the sequence. All cards are placed face down until the final card, so that there is no interference. Once the final card is extracted, it is placed face up and the rest of the cards may be turned over. The sequence can be read can be read from any vantage point according to the reader.

The deck comes with 56 cards, a beautful rigid box and an instruction leaflet.

You can see the initials of the Conceptualist on every card.

The deck is divided into various tones or themes – all colour-coded.

1 Master card (skeleton key)

4 Guardian cards (gate keepers)

13 Animal cards

5 Mythical cards

5 Entry cards

5 Celestial cards

3 Blank cards

3 Floral cards

9 Elemental cards

8 Initiate cards

The multi-dimensional nature of these cards allows many layers of questions to be asked and answered.

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