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This is the beginning of an amazing journey into the conscious fields of spiritual intelligence and understanding.

It begins with a step by step adventure into workshops and courses, designed by master Teachers, who have been taught by Tibetan and Tao Masters . . . and have embraced the teachings as a way of life.

‘Why do I need to take spiritualĀ or metaphysical courses?


“A new journey into any field of life or experience requires guidance from others who have successfully journeyed before you. This guidance begins with the necessary foundation to achieve proficiency or reach a goal, while continued guidance allows you to take steps along the way that you would not usually take.

One of the most rewarding and elevating guided journeys is the Spiritual or Metaphysical one. Spiritual empowerment is a connection to the Higher Self, the Source, or other dimensions. It is potent and filters down, affecting all layers of an individual’s life, including other guidances. It alone has the power to transform an ordinary life into an extraordinary one. Entry to other layers of the self, the landscapes of the transcendent self, require foresight, anticipation, preparation, support and guidance.”

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1) MY DASHBOARD takes you to the folders that matter! You will find MY COURSES – where the course you have enrolled in is easily accessible. OTHER COURSES, FREE VIDEOS, WRITINGS and much more for you to chew into.

2) SPIRITUAL COURSES takes you to the list of available courses which you may presently sign up for. Our student body is made up of 3 tiers of learning and your are currently on tier 1: BASIC FOUNDATION.

3) YOUTUBE is where we have a number of interesting videos. Why not listen and learn who we are?


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