Wk 2: Allow the students to discuss their idea of Choice and where it has taken them up until now. It is important to get home that the Choices they make before they actually act, speak or move will influence the outcome. If they make the decision to be happy, then all else will follow that happiness. Before they approach anything, they need to stop and pause for a moment before they go ahead. In Module 4, I will introduce the 5 second rule, so don’t bring it officially in right now. Just hint…

Q’s that will help:

– Are you making the choice or is someone else? (father, mother, siblings, peers, partners, children)

– Which part of you is making the choice? (the child, adolescent or young adult, spiritual adult within?)

– How often do you make choices for others, how often do you allow others to make the choice for you?

To choose is to respond (responsibility being your greatest freedom), to choose is to take action.

– Are you willing to choose for your world?

The Eight Motivations:

1) For the self or for others (validation through love and acceptance)

There are two options here. Your motivation is YOU validating yourself or being motivated by others validating you.

2) External or internal (landscapes of self love)

Another two options: Your motivation is internal or external. Because you love yourself or you love yourself enough to impact your world

3) To gain or lose (quantity of self love)

Another two options: The motivation is about losing and gaining. Do I love you because of what I am getting? If I love you, what will I lose?

4) Survive or thrive (quality of self love)

Another two options: People’s motivation is about surviving or thriving. The quality of self love ranges from the lowest to the highest.

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