At first people are like leaves that are disconnected and blowing in the breeze. They have no tether to anything which brings an internal sense of something magical . . . divine . . . or mystical. They float from one space to another, ever drawing nearer to the ground, where they eventually decay and return to the earth.

Life is lived day by day without thought towards a bigger or higher destiny, trying to emulate other leaves instead of being the leaf they were born to be. Maple leaf people envy oak leaf people, pine people are jealous of aspen leaf people, fig leaf people dislike birch people and conifer people look down upon jacaranda people.

If by some miracle there is a day where they are blown high enough that a happen glance allows them to see the landscape of their life from way up high, and they are allowed an objective viewing point of their second ACT  and a chance to revise their life strategy, they have an epiphany! That ‘miracle-lift’ by the wind can be brought about by many circumstances, such as but not limited to: someone else’s 3rd Act, loss, trauma, birth, depression, bankruptcy, divorce, kids leaving home, quitting a job or even middle age crisis.

For some, the day is clear and bright, and trauma or abuse does not dull the horizon. These people have a happy little world and their leaf-life is all about seeing that everyone else is happy and life is perfect. They would not change much, but every now and again a nagging thought touches them from way up high and the invitation to lift up and take a look comes ever closer.

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