Instead of blowing in the wind going every which way but in, once people have connected with others like themselves and shared a sense of finding out who they are, they begin to feel that they belong. That belonging is tangible, lying just beneath the surface like an electrical current that remains unseen. Some discover and share this feeling with their genetic families, others find it within their circle of friends,and still others find it in their religious group. Most people belong to one or more of these, but something feels missing . . . amiss . . . but cannot be explained. They experience life as a numbing incident that must be accepted as reality.

Once a true connection takes place, a sense of wanting to know more follows, and an excitement about the prospect of learning about the Self brings about a hunger and a thirst that needs quenching. It is as if, during a banquet of lavish wines and delicacies, you still feel unfulfilled or unsatiated, as though something is missing. Now, with support, you embark on a quest to know who you are. This is the Twig when you no longer need to feel like a leaf blown in the wind, or that everything is only a matter of time. As a spiritual twig (excuse my sense of humour!), you can hold your own and withstand a little wind, and you notice that you impact the people around you . . . the other leaves. You know that you are not yet a branch that can withstand weight and gusts and the occasional bird landing on you, but you feel better than being a leaf upon the wind.

Note: Leaves on the wind rush towards the 3rd ACT!

There is a sustainable sense of being within you, and you know that there is something more than you that awaits your discovery.

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