When a person becomes a branch in their attitude and space of being, they em-‘bark’ upon a singularity of thought and action. What do I mean?

They delved into their internal worlds sufficiently so that the outside world, and what goes on around them, passes by as they remain resolute and calm. They move into the depths of their learnt teachings as often as they can within their sense of existence.

Being a branch so close to the main tree trunk gives them a sense of security and safety as if they are walking with an invisible force at their side. The name of that force is personal to each person, but for now, we can perhaps identify with: God, Holy Spirit, Higher Self, Soul, etc. Birds and squirrels can perch effortlessly on a tree branch without the fear of the branch breaking. So it is with these people; they can carry weight on their shoulders for a short while without bending, and this culminates in what we understand ‘responsibility.’

A person of this calibre easily supports others who are reawakening, moving to become a living leaf moving towards the twig. Their inspiration, and how they authentically live their lives, is a testimony to those around them. They have a unique connection with a higher Source and have learnt patience, tolerance and kindness. Essential, since a bird may mess on them with some frequency. Branch people have weathered many spiritual storms, have been bent in all directions and have remained steadfast in their focus and trust.


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