When a person becomes a tree, they have overcome their outstanding karma (Choices made that have the debts of cause and effect), and have learnt to be in this world free from most of the daily entanglements that ordinary people must endure.

They no longer keep themselves busy with mundane entertainment, nor do they buy into the games and manipulations of the common folk. These extra-ordinary beings begin as small saplings, and as they progress towards the ‘light,’ they grow in confidence, love, wisdom and power. They are not loud nor do they seek any form of notoriety. They have no interest in fame and fortune, yet they are never poor or derelict. They are hidden and that may sound strange since we see trees everywhere. They are clothed in the garments of the original seed of potential, and because they look like all the other trees, they stand invisible; few know who they really are.

They remember their days of being the leaf caught upon a breeze, and they have great compassion for those who seek help.

They remember their days as young leaves eager to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and they have great wisdom to share with those who seek encouragement.

They remember their days as twigs learning to be sturdy and resilient, and they have a great love for those who seek direction.They remember their days as branches, learning to be responsible and dependable, and they have great words of power for those who seek guidance.

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