The Story of the Tune

Before you go any further –¬†Pick an instrument.

Now – pick your favourite song!

Try not to cheat and move ahead because you are curious and want to feel safe so you look to see what is coming in the hopes that you can get an edge and that you will not fail this and by trusting and going with the process. Whew!

Take a breath.

Just pick your favourite song of all time and when you have – read further . . .




. . . much further.




Let’s imagine that the instrument you picked is what you are. Bear with me for a moment (laughter will help here) and it describes you. Try to figure out how you are like the instrument you have picked. Consider its tune and whether it is wood or brass or string, etc. Is it loud, soft, melodic or thunderous? Is it full of wind? Is it a typical solo instrument like the piano or bagpipes, or is it an instrument that accompanies a solo?

This should be a fun exercise and an amazing opportunity to laugh at yourself.

You can always change instruments.

Now – let’s examine your favourite song. What kind of song is it? Is it regretful, sad or lively and jolly? Is your song a reminiscing song or a leave-the-planet-in-a-fantasy¬†song? Is it about love or peace? Try to grasp the foundation of your song, and if you could put it into one sentence, what would that statement be?

These small exercises allow us to harmlessly take a peak in the windows of our minds and thoughts. Does it remind you of something?

Discuss this with your facilitator when you gather next, and you may find that she has a surprise for you!


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