The Dawn Script

You are about to embark upon a GRAND adventure!

It is an invitation to play in the realm of the gods and to use CHOICE with free abandonment . . .

Before we begin – the RULES of the game:

i) You do not have a current life to borrow images from

ii) You have a blank slate

iii) You can be anything and do anything

iv) You are to be the artist who brings the colours

v) There is no good or bad – no pass or failure

This week, you must write a script which only you will see if you so choose, that outlines who you would be if you were wide-awake about your CHOICES.

Do not borrow any current images, people, objects or places. This is a brand new design of a life to be built from scratch. You may write it in story form or as a shopping list . . . your CHOICE.

If you were a god designing a life, what script would you write?

A drama, perhaps?

A murder mystery?

A romance?

A good, old fashioned who-done-it?

A war story?

A space odyssey?

A ghostly tale?

You can write any script you like . . . but there is one caveat . . .

You are the star actor!

You will discuss your experience at the next gathering.

By the end of this week, email or text a summary of your experiences. This may seem easy enough, but you need to do this as if you were going into a whole new life and what you write will be the outcome going forward. What you learnt in the course will then be harnessed and owned by you. You are welcome to do the following:

“I learnt about giving myself permission. This intrigued me the most, so I will move ahead by giving myself permission to do things that I have never done before . . .”


1) Permission – I give myself 3 permissions every week from now onwards.

2) 3rd ACT – I will move into my life releasing my fear of the 3rd ACT.

These are only examples but they are powerful manifestos too!

We hope your journey was as delightful as our own! 

Please feel free to continue to read through my stories in the Treasury:

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