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In Basic Foundation we approach the lofty concept of ‘consciousness’ from a particular perspective. Now, the entire landscape of God or the Source cannot fit on a million pages, so we have minimized it into a sliver that portrays YOU. This is the diagram that you now see before you.

Section A represents your Shadow: the things that you deny, shove down, won’t speak about, will not express or share, and refuse to face and take ownership for (and for those that believe in other lives, these are the challenges that you subconsciously choose to deal with in another incarnation). Be they imagined or real . . . they have an impact in your life.

Section B represents the conscious you, in a physical body having an experience. You are represented as a balloon for you are naturally created to be light-hearted and up-lifting, and you are destined to return to the Source you came from. In the diagram below, you will observe that section ‘B’ seems to have a solid balloon in it. Section B is your conscious, everyday waking state, your perception of life and the world around you. You are – spiritually speaking – the balloon.

This balloon in section ‘B’ is anchored to section ‘A’ by 3 cords.

These three cords represent the attachments that we have to things unresolved in our pasts . . . that we may have forgotten about . . . or inhibitions, addictions, habits and supressed memories.

So, for the purposes of Basic Foundations, consciousness can be defined as:

-A spark of God/Source/ the Divine that manifests a form or body to experience a Self and immerse itself within a reality.

-The entirety of a person’s make-up including the concepts of Soul and Spirit.  

-Being mindful of being aware.

As you can see, it is difficult to box such erudite and complex concepts into a sentence, so we have to remember always that although we seek to define it to understand it, our understanding is only a piece of a much vaster idea.

Section C represents your subconscious realms and can be seen as an invisible part of you that encompasses your emotions, your thoughts and fantasies, desires, wishes, and the entirety of you that has not become physical – yet.  The fundamental difference between A and C is that ‘A’ is contrived by you to be real and powerful. So much so that it can affect you in reality. ‘C’ on the otherhand, is established by the Source/God as a landscape in which to discover yourself as something more than a physical body.

Example: I feel you may benefit from this example . . . there is an iceberg. The conscious self (B) is the tip that is visible above the surface. The Sub- (C) and Unconscious  (D) self is the underwater part of the iceberg. All natural and reasonable as concepts. The shadow (A) is like the denizen of the deep that lurks beneath the iceberg. It is not quite seen and it is elusive but it often feels like a sense of dread, that the rug will be pulled out from under you, you can never be quite happy or free, and there is something that you constantly avoid or will not look at or address.

Section D represents your unconscious self, and will be dealt with in more advanced courses.

As we progress, these images will be upgraded but for now this is a great place to begin. In the beginning, consciousness is about awareness. It is about becoming aware

  • that you have a shadow even though you may not know or believe it exists. Until you become aware of your internal reality, you will not have the understanding to deal with it.
  • that there is a lot of information that you never knew . . . basic information that would have changed your life and how you have seen it up until this moment.
  • that you can ascend or become more than you are at present if you just know where to look and what to do with what you discover.
  • that your version of ‘God’ (or lack of) is what you have been taught, for there are other perspectives.
  • that the Source can live up to expectations when need be.
  • that you are a drop of water in an ocean, bringing you to both the feeling that you are so small, yet in the awareness that the ocean holds you, you can be as powerful and impactful as you choose.

That is why the term ‘consciousness’ cannot be defined by language – it is ever evolving, growing, ascending, expanding and realizing itself. We go deeply into this in the course Your Unconscious Reality, at the Conscious Footsteps level.

You are that slice of the pie (Phi Φ) that you see in the image above, and you are directing your consciousness to expand and rise into greater and loftier versions of yourself. So, as the balloon of consciousness with your life story and experiences, you are safely learning to push the boundaries of yourself so that you can expand your idea of who and what you think you are.


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