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Engrams are found in the sub mind or reactive mind. It is a holdover from man’s earlier evolutionary step. Reactive mind has command power on a cellular level. It does not remember, it records and uses the recordings or engrams, to produce action. It does not think, it selects recordings and imposes them upon the conscious mind and the body without the knowledge of the individual. The only way the individual will know this is happening is that he will notice that he is not acting rationally and cannot understand why. There is no sensor. The reactive mind operates exclusively on physical pain and painful emotion. It acts on a stimulus response basis. It does not receive it’s recordings or engrams as memory or experience, but only as forces to be reactivated. It receives it’s recordings as cellular engrams when the conscious mind is unconscious. When a recording, and Engram, becomes reactivated it has command power, it shuts down the conscious mind to a greater or lesser degree, takes over the motor controls of the body and causes behaviour and action to which the conscious mind, the individual itself, would never consent.

[Dianetics] – although we do not recommend this particular field of study, the above explanation is acceptable.

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