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The most challenging issue we face in teaching and bringing knowledge to light comes in a four-fold manner:

– Each individual has already built a fortress around themselves as a survival mechanism, so new knowledge can readily be filed away as nonsense, for it does not align with the survival mechanism. (Life has conditioned individuals to be cynical, skeptical, and untrusting.)

– Even if we succeed in imparting knowledge to the individual, there is a need for a certain degree of release or willingness to let go, for it to become a new way of life.

– There is a great deal of free and readily accessed information in a bookstore, but those seeking their inner connection need proper guidance. There is only one path that delivers, and it is not discovered through intellectual information alone. ‘Becoming’ is the more critical and the next higher version of themselves. Why is a teacher necessary? True, some seek to self-propel, but each ascendency to the next vibration requires that the individual leave something behind. The means to reach that higher vibration requires guidance and coaching from a teacher who already embodies it, lives it, breathes it and is. Consider the following: if you have lived underground all your life – how can you intimately learn what the earth looks like? If you have lived on earth all your life – how can you thoroughly learn what the heavens look like? If you have lived in the clouds all your life – how can you profoundly learn what the Universe looks like? You learn from a traveller who has not only been there but can help you to reach it. They will not do it for you – they cannot – but they can show you the way. They are the map-makers.

– The intellect is meant to be a function of the Spirit. And yet, it is highly developed in some as a steering mechanism. If there is any hope in the idea of a divine consciousness becoming a part of your life, this part of you needs to find its correct placement. The diagram below will hopefully show what is meant by the section that follows.

Honesty is one of the prized squares of the powerful person. It requires that a student (to the best of their ability), check in on themselves on a constant basis. They are required to realise that what they think they know, they need to qualify by life experiences, conviction and a powerful ownership of the concept. This comes about through ‘aha’ moments, realisations, epiphanies and illuminating experiences. Once a piece of knowledge has been ingested, it feels like it is a part of you, in your cells and what you have become. You cannot cheat this. 

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