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Individuals need convincing. They want you to walk on water before they open the door to the extraordinary landscapes of the Self. They do not realize that each spiritual teacher is fundamentally bound to the vibration that they inhabit. What do I mean by that? Let us try to look at the basic musical scale that starts from the lowest ‘A’ to the highest ‘G’ – (A, B, C, D, E, F and G). Every teacher inhabits one of these notes on this scale, and the higher they are, the more impactful and knowledgeable they are. Now imagine that a teacher on the  first note A is teaching those who are only just beginning to question and seek something more than their everyday fulfillment. Teacher A may teach them about all things within that particular note or vibration, which is at the very beginning of this scale but may not access any of the knowledge further up the scale. The seeker may think that they are only an ‘A’ level teacher, but they fail to understand that the teacher is exactly where they are learning to be – there are no mistakes under the sun. Now – if a teacher from the ‘F’ note vibration were to teach the new seeker, they would only be able to impart knowledge that will assist them in reaching ‘A’ and no higher. Therefore, no ‘G’ level teacher will ever walk on water for a new seeker or any student in lower notes of this scale. It is a fundamental rule that cannot be broken and would result in the higher note or vibrational teacher losing their status. All levels of knowledge come at great personal cost, and no wise teacher will put that at risk for a curious seeker or new student.

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