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Facilitated by Jaylee Balch

Consult Options:

a) Single session up to 30 minutes = $80

b) Single session up to 60 minutes = $160

c) Minimum of 3 sessions (1hour): $460

d) Personal Program 21 days (1 hour session  + recordings + study material): $250

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30 mins with Jaylee

Taking care of our personal space, body and environment is vital. Sometimes spending time with someone who understands a lot – makes all the difference!

Spend Your Time Wisely!

60 mins with Jaylee

Diving a little deeper brings more clarity and provides us with the opportunity to learn from an expert.

Spend Your Time Wisely!

Multi-sessions with Jaylee

3 x consultations facilitate change on many layers. Knowledge and understanding provide the supports for those changes and a new YOU is born!

Spend Your Time Wisely!

Personal Program with Jaylee

Learning to manage our personal space is important if we wish to feel great, dream lofty, and live our lives in a balanced and informed manner. Most often the mechanism to achieve this is close at hand!

Spend Your Time Wisely!

Benefits of Working With Jaylee

My journey has included the  fortunate tutelage of two enlightened Masters in their own lineages: Tao and Tibetan. I come from a lifetime of searching, finding and knowledge that has personally led me up the ladder of spiritual development. We are taught the four keys to personal power: Accountability, Vulnerability, Humility and Honesty . . . this is what you receive from me. Intuition and psychic awareness are stepping stones – nothing more – and training a student to evolve themselves to a better and wiser version of themselves is what I work towards. Healing and balance always follows the right way of thinking and feeling.

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