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Jaylee Balch

Divine Gardener

Let’s Explore the Gift of Nature!

Anyone Can learn to have green fingers!

But who wants only green fingers? We are going to learn about the green heart and the blue mind, or perhaps you see red regularly or feel rather blue at times? Colors give a lot of information about our present state of mind.

Why gardening?

After decades of trying to understand the nature of my being,it seemed like a good place to begin again – by grounding myself.

Why was this important?

At an early age, I came to appreciate the idea of God or a supreme creator, and from this, I developed questions about my purpose and reason for existence.

Hi! I’m Jaylee

At first, it was a mandate – “Work with nature . . .” said my Tibetan Teacher to me in the early days. Little did I know that I would learn so much, cry a little and find so much joy in the garden. I am no ordinary gardener though . . .



How did nature help?

I found that in nature, amongst the trees, flowers, water, sun, and insects, a prolific sense of harmony and balance occurred. There was a rhythm which seemed effortless and natural . . . as if something else was doing all the work, and I was only an observer and at best – a participator!

Where did that take you?

To the unloved part of myself . . .

You see, up to that point, I had existed to find the ‘Father’, but then realized that this came at the cost of first discovering the ‘Mother.’

We exist naturally within a harmony of two parts, you can see it as a space between – a space where two worlds co-exist. Our feet are planted in the Earthly Mother, and our heads are in the Heavenly Father.

Our hearts are in the space between, and when we can live from there, we begin to live in harmony with the original creative thought.

 And gardening helped?

 It is not only gardening as we traditionally know it to be. It is learning to co-exist from moment to moment as nature does. Nature does not worry if the sun comes out – does it?

 Why not?

 If you can answer this, then perhaps you truly are becoming a Divine Gardener yourself.

Gather fabulous NUGGETS!

Relax . . . learn . . . and absorb


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