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“In our world of instant access, there are libraries of information about spiritual programs and as humanity grasps for change and awareness, often the right information is mingled with the questionable.”

In this program, we delve into the deeper aspects of the human brain from a Psychic, Physical, Spiritual, Hypnotic and Chemical standpoint.

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You may wonder what the brain has to do with enlightenment?

You may wonder . . . what has the brain got to do with enlightenment?
Everything! It’s not magic. Rather, it’s an intricate interplay that can only be truly
mastered when you have the correct information and proper guidance with techniques
that you can use to increase your understanding, for understanding will always be the
key. The Tibetan lineage of masters (including the one we train with, who transcended
the physical), used these Celestial Pathways© to gain access to the greater awareness.
There are no shortcuts, and for those seeking the transcendent experiences recorded in
advanced books, The Inpowered Brain© introduces you to a comprehensive
understanding of what you have access to, what you are to do with it and why.


 Access to a computer OR a mobile device
 Internet + membership login
 Acrobat Reader (for documents)
 Audio App
 Time for Reflection

Detailed descriptions, NortiArt© Images, practical awareness and deliberate
journeys are a part of this program and are foundational requirements for later
advanced workshops and retreats.

  • As a course participant, you will
     learn what the physical human brain looks like in a detailed manner. You will need to visualise and
    experience the different parts as you work through the material.
     visit portions of the brain that the Tibetan Masters have frequented for lifetimes.
     delve into the psychic portions of the brain and learn what you need them for.
     learn about the Spiritual portions of the brain and how they coincide with science.
     receive and work with 7 Celestial Pathways© journeys
     gain a new perspective in your capabilities and possibilities and be able to access greater

‘Illumination’ has been a journey and experience like no other. I found this course to be wonderfully multilayered and multifaceted; which for me, made it possible for greater discovery, exploration, understanding, ‘clean-up/let-go’ and growth. I chose to immerse myself in the teachings and wisdom and I was profoundly rewarded. A great ‘gift’ of this course, was experiencing  a ‘safe space’ for myself and all participants on this journey, to do our ‘work’ – a space of kindness, non-judgement and grace. 
Thank you Jaylee for your wisdom, guidance, time, ‘tools’ and humour, which were given in bucketloads. Thank you Paul for your super meditations, which enabled and facilitated my going  and ‘digging’ deeper. And finally, thanks to both of you for creating  the amazing gift that the course, ‘Ilumination’ is.’
Natalia Demczynsky


‘Looking back on the 7 weeks from prior to to starting the journey I have cleared out a lot of my anxiety or my energetic baggage, which I have not felt again since completing the course. I trust myself enough now to know and feel at peace in the knowledge that I have the power to shift, change and create a strong connection with my higher self to get answers or clarity I need.
I have forged new ground in creating new neural pathways which I feel has connected my mind to more fluidity and lucidity to receiving and moving towards open doors (literally the wind just blew open my 2 front porch doors as I am writing this! – e.g instant manifestation) 
I can now identify more easily where I get blocked from receiving the images from my higher mind and get stuck in the past. When I manage my inner reality and mind I can hold a higher vibration which I have found attracts more positive realities and situations. This is most satisfying for me and puts a deep inner smile on my face. ‘
Nicole Dargie

Owner - Teacher, InsideOut Yoga

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