I wanted to add a few notes here, for your benefit:

1) There are a number of approaches available for arriving at the personal Philosopher’s Stone. One of the approaches bears the following in mind – that the answer given to the question of Who Am I, is derived from an initial feeling. It is not derived from the thinking processes of the inner child. This would give you an indication that any thoughts of trying to mine or hunt this down, will only result in the mind (in control of your survival), throwing options at you until it has offerd you every option. By this time, you are exhausted from trying and would most likely give up, or you are convinced that you are as faulty, unlovable, broken, powerless, unworthy, etc as your touchstone suggests, and your life exhibits. So that option is not going to take you anywhere. It is in the quiet observation of your feelings that the golden thread will reveal itself.

2) I made the statement that the mind of the child is necessary to ‘enter the kingdom of heaven’ (a 5th dimensional state of being) but what is super important, is that the moments before you engaged that answer, you felt the opposite. The child has access to 100% awareness (the kingdom) and feels for example; Powerful . . . then the less than superhero parents (the child’s God and Goddess) fall from grace. Unwittingly the child has the feeling that with these ‘Gods’ they won’t – in fact-  be safe at all! That realisation prompts the feeling to the Who Am I? A child, lovingly taken care of by a ‘God-Source’ would never question their survival! They would simply know that they will always be okay/caught/supported/loved/held etc. The organic parents have no such power to grant that to a child for they themselves have a Touchstone of compromise. Some of you may already be realising that scripture: Matthew 23:9: “And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven.” This is not to discount the people that raised you . . . not in the least . . . but it does point you in the direction of a return to the beginning before you took on the magnetic signature of the Touchstone that gave you the experiences that you have had.

3) You may now begin to realise that the return to the state, before you felt that your survival was at stake (and may simply have been an ignorant remark or being left alone in the crib), is the very state of being that the first biblical quote alludes to. The Lama told us to go back to the beginning . . .

4) You are to seek out that Touchstone, so that you turn it on its head and access the power of its opposite. The powerless become the powerful, the helpless become the powerful helpers, the matterless now begin to powerfully matter, and so forth. Why? How can you be an angel on earth if you do not have wings? The wings to fly . . . that the original state of being gives you.

5) You have to turn it on its head because the survival mechanism of control never switches off. So what is the off switch? The power behind the entire movie script of your life – is the original feeling. Find that feeling (the answer) and you will realise that all your trying, achieving, straining, stressing, working, pleasing, and fighting was only to uphold the idea that you ignited about yourself. I am unlovable! Turning it on its head is usually a transcendent feeling into oneness, peace, love, serenity – sublime! Now – you can call yourself free!

6) How can you enter the kingdom without the wings of true freedom? How you enter the landscapes of the Gods without feeling powerful? How can you How can you rise above the maddening crowd if you feel like one of them?

7) The powerful beginning state cannot be felt if the mind is engaged, because the mind seeks to control the idea of self, due to its idea of self – is all about survival. 

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