LM Awareness 5

The Journey Continues . . .

Your entry back into your everyday life may have brought with it challenges, a new sense of self, a bewilderment, a sense of excitement and many more wonderful experiences.

You have changed!

You must deal with it . . .

You are no longer the person you were two weeks ago, and as you move forward you will find that you are changing rapidly and for some of you . . . daily.

Never give up on yourself!

For the following week (or longer, if you choose):

*             Continue to observe yourself in the mirror by choosing to see what you love about yourself. Remember that as you observe the ‘butler’, you need to be kind and loving towards yourself by keeping negative dialogue to a minimum.

*             Keep contemplating the idea of love and of the space between. Make any small adjustments that may be needed to your expectations of others. Look at what you place in the space between and when you begin to notice the elements that are not working for you. In your frame use your imagination to remove these elements.

*             Silently persist in the exercise of ‘honouring the light and the life’ with those you come across daily. Not only does it bless the receiver, but it begins to make changes to your own internal being.

*             There is quite a journey to take regrading the ego patterns, so the ‘butler’ is VERY important at this stage. To starve the elephant, we have to step back and observe from a neutral point of view as much as possible. Once we accomplish this neutral and non-reactive state 51% of the time, life takes on a VERY different tone.

*             Make use of altered states, hypnosis, meditation and contemplation as a landscape to observe yourself and your life.

*             Manage your stress by remembering the teaching on the two minds. The one mind ‘thinks’ and falls into the devil’s cauldron, while the other mind sits back in a neutral space and allows the Higher Self to communicate.

*             Continue to work with the candle from a neutral space. You may be very surprised at what you can do.

You have to begin to be disciplined with your eating space. On the first night AFTER I taught you about how your thoughts impact the quality of the food that you ingest, I heard a number of you speaking about cancer, tumours, death, heart attacks and about a number of other unhealthy topics whilst we ate dinner. All of this discipline has EVERYTHING to do with Self Love and learning to respect your beautiful space. When we nourish ourselves properly, life flows through our bodies and wants to bring us the healing that we so need and deserve. But if we continue to do things the way we have always done them, nothing changes. Make the adjustments according to the surroundings that you are in and gently teach your families to follow your example to at least be quiet and still while you eat.

Lastly: Work with the meditation (link in Hightail and Dropbox) for this entire week.

In love, light and life

Jaylee Balch

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