LM Awareness 6

 Your Journey Expands . . .

Remember how you felt at Living Mastery when you began to learn things about yourself which nobody had ever told you before? Or how it felt to unpack some of the burdens and the ideas that you had about yourself – releasing them forever?

We need to clear away the debris and face ourselves by unpacking that secret box of goodies, because by discovering and changing all the time, we become the Great Self. Instead of hiding and avoiding, we need to face that mirror or self-reflection in a loving way.

This is how we are meant to live our entire lives!

So, for this week, complete the following exercises in your Sacred Journal.

Exercise 12: Become aware of your main habits for the next 7 days. This allows you to see the mechanisms and patterns that are at play in your programming without doing anything, just observe.

Exercise 13: Assess the five closest people to you rating them from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest in the following classifications:

  • Ability to communicate
  • Ability to manage relationships
  • Ability to consciously create
  • Awareness of what is happening in their world
  • Being open to change and growth

This allows you to see the mechanisms and patterns that are at play in your programming in life. As before . . . just become aware for now and observe.

Exercise 14: Listen to the LM Space Between Pathway daily for 2 weeks!

I do have something more to share with you. You are adults and do not need parenting, so I will never chase you or harass you to follow through on your homework.  But you do need reminding that every bit of conscious work changes you. No matter where you are or with whom you study, the time and effort you invest will become self-evident. Although globally scores of students have done similar work, they are in different places because some do their conscious work diligently while others cruise through mentally without application. How you choose to do the work does not matter to anyone else but you. YOU are the person who chooses either to stride boldly towards Self Realisation or to drag your feet. Your choice will determine the energy and vibrancy that will be YOURS to live by.

This matters not to anyone but YOU.

In light and love

Jaylee Balch

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