LM Awareness 7


Expanding your Observations . . .


The second last week . . . be aware . . . be conscious . . . choose to use your ‘Super Power’




The ability to make decisions that enhance your life, to have an attitude that inspires your life, to have thoughts that empower your life and choose to have feelings that make it all worth while!

Exercise 15: Pay attention to the impact of the words you use and the words that others use. How does it affect or impact emotion, behavior and thought patterns? As before, just observe and learn about the conditioning that has been put into place since early in your life.

Exercise 16: Observe your thoughts. Freeze one, then let it go and enter the space between for 10 minutes. Do the best you can to go beyond thought (thinking).

Exercise 17: Observe any new feelings or thoughts that may create new opportunities to manifest in your life. This helps to re-calibrate and change the neural pattern in your brain. 

Exercise 18: Observe where in life you experience different attitudes. Where were you? How does this relate to the different environments and people you were with at the time? Observe . . . and learn. 

Continue to listen to the LM Space Between Pathway daily for the second week!

In light and love

Jaylee Balch


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