LM Awareness 8


Owning Your Divinity


We have one life in this current state of consciousness . . . or the lack thereof.

It is not about improving yourself as a human being – you are perfect in every way.

It is not about reaching any place – you are already home.

It is not about becoming more intelligent or powerful – you don’t need more of that!

But it is about realisation!

For all of these to take effect, you have to realise them . . .

Realisation begins where a teacher stands in their most crucial role and it is not forever. It is not designed to hold your hand until your last breath. It is only for a moment, as you allow the layers to drop from you, the unnecessary frailties and personal tragedies too. It is to trim the rot and mis-beliefs with one hand while reminding you of your true place – which you have forgotten – with the other hand. This teacher stands where you truly stand and calls you home, even if you have forgotten and remain behind the thin curtain of the little self. The teacher is only here to remind you, to assist you in awakening and to help you to stabilise when you encounter a new version of yourself, for the temptation to lapse and return to what you have always known is great – is mentally addictive.

Let the days, weeks and months ahead be about allowing a new YOU to come forward amidst the chaos and doubts. This new YOU, will be different . . . quieter and less inclined to seek energy from others and you will observe that the periods of silence and peace will grow.

Exercise 19: Become observant where you try to be powerful either through words, attitudes or behaviour. It is insidious, the lengths that we go through to remain in control. When we let go . . . truly let go and allow . . . another part of ourselves, not prone to survival is ushered in.

Exercise 20: Assess changes that have taken place within your life and to what extent you applied the steps in this process as best you could. Be aware by just attempting to go through the process many level changes have taken class helping you become far more conscious, proactive, and aware of creating your own destiny.

Exercise 21: Listen to the LM Table of The Masters Pathway – for as long as you see fit (but a minimum of 7 days)

Exercise 22: Please email me, a summary of the impact which this online and retreat has had in your life. Let this be a testimonial which carries you forward as a statement of what is unfolding. Invest in yourself by articulating your experience and making it real – share.

Thank you!

For taking this journey with me

Enjoy happily creating love, light and freedom in your world.

I honour the light and the life within all of you and I am grateful to share this time and space in love with you. The light within you is the light within me, the light within in you is the light within me, and the love within you is the love within me for you and I are one!

In light and love

Jaylee Balch

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